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Mallory Williamson


Students react with outrage to proposed changes to dining plan

After a draft of proposed changes to meal plans circulated on Tuesday night, students have expressed frustration and outrage regarding the potential plans, which would require underclassmen to purchase an unlimited plan and all upperclass students who are not part of an eating club to purchase a “Community Plan.”

Expansion of water infrastructure could benefit New Jersey

“Funding critical repairs and improving resiliency in our wastewater treatment and drinking water distribution systems remains a critical priority,” Lopez said in an EPA statement. “New Jersey knows all too well the costs of storm damaged water and wastewater systems.”

University announces foundation of the M.S. Chadha Center for Global India

The Center for Global India, which according to a University statement, “will bring together scholars and students from all disciplines to broadly explore contemporary India, including its economy, politics and culture,” has yet to announce a specific opening date or a scholar to lead it.

Michelle Obama ’85 to release memoir titled Becoming

Michelle Obama ’85, former First Lady of the United States, revealed Sunday she will be releasing her first personal memoir, Becoming. The book will be published by Random House and is expected to be released on Nov. 13 of this year.

Class of 2022 Pre-read announced

On Feb. 7, the University Office of the President announced that President Eisgruber selected “Speak Freely: Why Universities Must Defend Free Speech,” written by politics professor Keith Whittington, as the Class of 2022 Pre-read book.