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Kaveh Badrei


Trump's stand-up special

When comedy crushes the cries of truth and the realities of wrongdoing, it is a tool to disempower, silence, and delegitimize the voices of those who speak frankly about our society.

The Oscars’ erasure of racism in America

“Green Book” and “BlacKkKlansman” offer two vastly different narratives surrounding race in America, and their contrasting messages put forth two diverging paths for our modern America. These two movies both ostensibly deal with the issue of race in America, look to our past as a nation, and have strong thematic messages running through their narratives. But the two films are anything but similar.

Fifty Shades of Blue

The progressive growth, unity, and strength that the Democratic party seeks to embody against Trump can only come out of a primary process that fosters substantial partnership and teamwork among Democrats.

Write dangerously

The writer is one who refuses to be silenced, who continues to carry the powerful and illuminating justice of the written word forward in the face of opposition.

A place for privacy

Before running blindly to the calls of free coffee and sweets at Shiru Café, I would only ask my fellow students to think deeply about the principled choice at hand. 

Texas and the politics of the possible

Congressman O’Rourke’s campaign has shown me hope, progress, and success that I never believed imaginable. The politics of the possible is alive in Texas, fueled by the people who have come together to realize it.

The strong do what they should

We must emphatically embrace a world where — out of desires for peace and cooperation — the strong do what they should. 

A House confused

In the wake of Mark Zuckerberg's congressional hearings, senior columnist Kaveh Badrei '20 argues our legislators are unable to navigate through the internet's increasingly technical details. 

We should be the change

This sort of universal student activism is something quite powerful to absorb. Through such a massive move of participation, change is possible, and progress is reachable. We must come together more as a student body for the causes that afflict, touch, and inspire us to show our strength, make our voices heard, and take a direct and undeniable stand. To be students in “the service of humanity,” we must act more boldly, more passionately, and more powerfully as advocates for the change that we wish to effect. 

An American portrait

Wiley’s art and its depiction of former U.S. President Barack Obama stands as a testament not only to the legacy of Barack Obama in the consciousness of American history but also to the ideals and aspirations that we — as the people — in the United States can only hope to witness again in the role of the President.