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Jack Allen


Review: Meeting of the arts at the Roaring 20 jam


A fitting place, therefore, for Roaring 20’s annual “jam,” which intertwined some of Princeton’s best offerings, from a capella, dance, and comedy. The unique show included performances from Quipfire, BodyHype and diSiac, all squeezed into the span of 100 minutes.

Coffee Club is on the grind


Dean’s Date woes seem not to have dampened the brisk business of the Princeton Coffee Club’s latest venture — a pilot for a student-run coffee shop in the heart of central campus. 

Falling for Fall? Pumpkin Spice and all things nice


So, in the ultimate act of journalistic endeavor (and to test the boundaries of human-pumpkin fusion), I hit the Orange Bubble’s favorite even-more-orange fall spots. I began, as one must, with the spiritual home of pumpkin appropriation – Starbucks itself. And, despite the little-known fact that I am in fact a Starbucks member on three continents (and gold on two), this was only my second time of giving into my rapidly developing basic girl stereotype and indulging myself in the “nectar of the gods” (as one friend described it): PSL.

Dohm Alley art exhibit

Dohm Alley styles itself as a “dynamic sensorium,” and this is clear from the moment one steps into the space; one’s ears are taken away from the traffic and noise of Nassau and lent over to birdsong, calming music, and the smooth flow of water from the fountain. In construction since November of last year, the recently opened space is currently dedicated to the era of English Romanticism, though its creators have ambitious plans for further exhibitions on everything from theatre to food literacy.