Heather Grace


What artists do: A conversation with Jeff Whetstone

One Friday afternoon in late October, Jeff Whetstone, a professor in the visual arts department, was stationed in the Digital Learning Lab on the first floor of Lewis Library, sitting in a swivel chair with his black leather boots kicked off for comfort. 

Summer in subway stations

 In a recent scroll through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across an article titled “Only True New Yorkers Can Get 10/15 on this Subway Challenge,” which had been successfully completed by its click-baited sharer and a former classmate of mine.

Memes of wisdom for prefrosh

As an admitted student, you may know that many a meme in Princeton Memes for Preppy AF Teens, the student-generated Facebook group dedicated to sharing mood-lifting JPEGs, is devoted to bursting the bubble of “prefroshian” optimism (the mind of a child is truly wonderful). By being real about everything from precept participation and eating club stereotypes to bell curves and who is really the best Ivy, we Preppy AF Teens find solace in the public acknowledgment of our many woes.

Unfamiliar Street: Lispenard Street

I left Princeton post-reunions on an early morning Dinky in the first week of June, bringing with me a small green suitcase and a day-old hangover.