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Erica Choi


Extending the P/D/F deadline

The Pass/D/Fail option is available for students between the beginning of the seventh and the end of the ninth week of classes. Commonly referred to as P/D/F, this option is designed to encourage students to explore disciplines that they have little prior knowledge of without fear of negatively impacting their GPA.

Room Swap Period after Draw Time

My three future roommates and I had obsessively checked room reviews, floor plans and the kinds of rooms people got with our draw time last year.

Dining halls: the present and the future

In his recent column, “Run Dining Halls like a Business,” fellow opinion columnist Newby Parton argues that University meal plans are a “horrible and scandalous” deal that would “bankrupt a real restaurant in a week.” His strong assessment leads him to a simple conclusion: “Find the waste.

Teachers who look as they may

The Daily Princetonian recently published a column titled “Teachers who look like us,” written by Tehila Wenger.