Daehee Lee


A kind letter to the trolls

I speak to those who do not critique the articles, but rather degrade the writers…. Please stop your unorganized, purely emotional, illogical, and cocksure spiel.

Ordinary courage in an extraordinary situation

Han Yeol became a hero because he felt that he had a duty to his fellow countrymen and nation. His fortitude, however, is hard to come by. Even now in Princeton, where the threats of police brutality and unjust arrests are low, many students hesitate to criticize what they believe the government is doing wrong.

Obsession with creation

From the moment we first enter the FitzRandolph gate to commencement, we Princetonians have an endless supply of work.

Noblesse oblige: Failure among Korea’s elites

It often seems that people are ruled predominantly by their self-interests, whether they are educated at the finest universities or born into the most prestigious families. But this pessimistic outlook is challenged by the selflessness of the journalists who uncovered the Choi Soon-Sil scandal.

The hidden power of writing seminar

As a bright-eyed, eager freshman at the beginning of the fall semester, I was sure that I had passed all the rites of passage to become a Princetonian. I had gone on my Community Action trip, participated in the myriad of orientation activities, and endured the line at Labyrinth Books for my first textbooks. 

The pre-med taboo

The very word “pre-med” evokes images of consecutive all-nighters, temper tantrums, and the banging of one’s head against a wall.

Learning from the Sun

Holding back my yawns upon the cold New Jersey beach, I watched as the first sunlight of 2017 turned the gray waters of the Atlantic a fiery red.

Korean crisis reflects unity for internationals

Being a Korean citizen has always been a great source of pride for me. I consider South Korea as my mother nation, even after having lived in the United States for more than ten years. 

Asian: A Misnomer

When news broke of the racist remarks that Deputy Metro Editor Michael Luo of the New York Times faced last month (An Open Letter to the Woman Who Told My Family to Go Back to China), I with hundreds of my fellow Princetonians was appalled.