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Things are getting real. If you watched Episode 2, you know that Toph is back in action. Even in her old age, Toph is still able to knock around the damaged Avatar. After throwing Korra around like a rag doll, Toph reveals that the Avatar still has poison inside her body. Guess Suyin isn't as great of a metal bender as she thinks. Is Toph able to remove the mercury from Korra's body?

Meanwhile, in Ba Sing Sei, Prince Wu's coronation is underway. With most of the royal artifacts looted, King Wu's crown is now the royal brooch. During his coronation, he calls up Kuvira to receive the Kyoshi Medal of Freedom in honor of her "service to the realm." However, Kuvira crushes the medal and states that she will crush anyone who questions her new Earth Empire. Yeah. The Earth Kingdom is no more.

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Bolin and Mako are at each other's throats over Kuvira. While talking to Varrick, prior to discussing Kuvira's plan with Mako, Bolin seemed a bit unsure about his boss' right to rule. Kuvira promptly reassures Bolin that they're doing good for the people of the new empire. In a later conversation with Mako, Bolin puts on the front that he and the new leader of the Earth Empire are affecting change in the world, while Mako sees Kuvira as a dictator. She only wants order for her people. Is this desire really all that bad?

Tenzin's children, with Jinora leading them, are heading out to look for Avatar Korra. When will they find her? Will we see more of Prince Zuko's daughter -- the current Fire Lord? What is Varrick's new technology? What is this spirit vine? Where is Asami?

Once again, watch this episode on Nick's website! (The link is for Episode 3) As always, this episode gives us more unanswered questions. What will the next one bring? We hope that it gives us some major action!

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