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If anyone suits the alternative setting of the Princeton Arts Weekend East Pyne rave, it's Robert DeLong.

Before getting into the EDM scene DeLong was a drummer for indie bands, and his sound straddles the line between different genres. He combines the beats and dubstep of your favorite EDM artists with the lyrics and strong vocals of your favorite alternative groups. He's a compelling live performer, and one who will be able to transform the courtyard of our favorite academic building into a rave scene this Saturday night.

His most popular track, "Global Concepts,"is the perfect intersection between components of different genres. There's the strong dubstep component but with strong vocals and an unusually dissonant twist - the song gets you moving more than most alternative tracks do and singing along more than EDM music does. Even though this combination of dance-heavy beats and strong vocals sounds like the song could verge on a pop vibe, DeLong's unique approach to his upbeat music, both in his lyrics and electronic style, keeps the sound fresh.

Check out "Global Concepts" here:


And here's an example of his more low-key but equally danceable songs "Happy":


Because of Robert DeLong, this rave is not something to miss out on. Come to the courtyard of East Pyne at 8:30 pm on Saturday to launch your night out, matching his great grooves with your moves. Also check out the other wonderful things going on during this year's Princeton Arts Weekend!

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