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Yo happy Thursday! Get pumped for tonight becauseThriftworks, Philly-born music-man turned California dweller has trekked across the country to throw it down at Terrace Club. If you feel like turning up to bass-drops hella low, then you gotta hear this. Here's a quick lowdown on his music:Mood: Get spazzy, disoriented, twitchy, haunted, adrenaline-high, jumpy, dreamy, soulful. Embrace your inner animal. Imagine that your ears are naked -- you have never heard sound before. Let your mind be blown.

If you liked: ill-Esha, Eprom, (both came to Terrace last spring!) then check this out.

Most interesting track: In "Feeding Time," food really is love as the track opens with sounds of slobbering, chewing, and gulping before the song takes a turn to sounding more like an alien invasion.

Favorite track: "The Touch"--a more laid-back, thoughtful one with a soulful, nostalgic feel. The song begins and you've entered a quiet jungle...then suddenly you're on the dance floor. (awesome sampling of Nina Simone's 1968 song "Ain't Got No, I've Got Life."

Favorite lyrics: From "Terry-D":"how many feathers in your headdress/let me get your address/don't get mad at this/we got some work to do/you plucking me/me plucking you"


Also check out: "Someone" "No no no no" "Greenie Beanies"

And everything else: bandcamp

Make sure to stop by tonight and show Thriftworks some love!


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