Phantogram Trouble

Phantogram Trouble

Sometimes iTunes is wonderful and has free music. Oh wait, that's every week! While often times I look at the free song of the week and groan because I don't know the artist, sometimes I smile because I know AND like the artist that is giving out free music. This week's free song is "Nothing But Trouble", a single from Phantogram's new albumVoices! Their album was recently released February 18th.The band shows using their love for electronic beats with crazy guitar in this single.One might say that the background of "Nothing But Trouble" might have too much going on at times. At one point, there is a long guitar riff that sometimes fits the electronic beats its accompanying and sometimes it does not. But that's just personal preference. If you're into fat beats and good vibes, check out Phantogram's work on YouTube!

Here's "Nothing But Trouble"! Maybe you'll buy the whole album, maybe not. Who knows.


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