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The Undergraduate Student Government discussed the Board Plan Review Committee, USG office renovations, and USG Senate engagement during its weekly meeting on April 22.

Dean of Rockefeller College Oliver Avens and Assistant Vice President of Campus Dining Smitha Haneef presented on the proposals of the University Board Plan Review Committee. The proposals would require all upperclassmen not in eating clubs to be on a University meal plan.

“We are hearing loud and clear that what’s on the draft does not fit what the majority preference would be,” Haneef said.

However, Avens continued to assert that the University has to strongly consider the committee’s recommendations in order to ensure the diversification of the student body. According to Avens, there remains a negative perception among prospective low-income students regarding the uncertainty of dining options and the exclusive nature of eating clubs.

“Stop worrying about how you’ll eat at Princeton,” Avens stated. “Just apply.”

“I think [the proposal] has the potential to change the public’s perception of Princeton as a country club university,” Avens added.

University Student Life Committee Chair Tania Bore ’20, however, raised concerns about requiring independent students to be on a University meal plan. Bore also maintained that a “stigma” existed around eating in the residential college dining halls as an upperclassman.

“Even though [the co-op leaders] know that it will not affect them, for the future of Princetonian [co-ops] this is something that they still care about,” USG president Rachel Yee ’19 noted.

The senate proceeded to talk about remodeling the USG offices in Frist Campus Center. Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne stated that potential refurbishments would only affect furniture and design in the offices.

“I agree with making it look more like the rest of Frist and friendly spaces,” USG Vice President Nate Lambert ’20 said.

Senator Kade McCorvy ’20 requested an allocation of $200 each week until May 20 to host events in the USG offices. According to McCorvy, the events would increase student engagement with USG Senate members and make USG more accessible.

The senate passed the resolution.

Senators Kevin Zheng ’21 and Elizabeth Bailey ’21 introduced a resolution to appropriate $1,000 per class year for USG senators to hold student activities. However, U-Councilor Ben Press ’20 raised concerns that this resolution would blur the distinction of powers between class government and the senate.

Bailey is a staff copy editor for The Daily Princetonian.

Zheng and Bailey will revise and reintroduce the resolution at a later point.

The senate also confirmed Charles Copeland ’19 to the University Student Life Committee.

The next USG meeting will take place on April 29, 2018.

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