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The Undergraduate Student Government discussed thesis pictures, “Yard Parties” funding, and student co-sponsorship of Garden Theater movies during its weekly meeting on Apr. 8.

U-Councilor Diego Negrón-Reichard ’18 introduced an initiative to hold a photoshoot for seniors on Apr. 16 to celebrating the passing of thesis deadlines. Because the event would be backed by the 2018 Class Council, low-income students could acquire high-quality photos without incurring exorbitant costs from private photographers. 

“Something I noticed that the Financial Reform Team can bring about in the future is the idea of identifying cultural problems that might make people feel alienated,” Negrón-Reichard stated.

University Student Life Committee Chair Tania Bore ’20 presented on the “Yard Parties” funding request of $2,500 by the leaders of campus co-ops. “Yard Parties” would serve as an alternative to House Parties for independent students and would introduce underclassmen to additional dining options.

“It would be cool to see something like this in the Fall potentially, or maybe more around bicker at the turn of the semester, to really put it on display as people are making food choices for the next year,” Campus and Community Affairs Chair Caleb Visser ’20 said.

The Senate passed the budget request.

Movies Committee Chair Jona Mojados ’20 discussed how the Movies Committee has begun to show advertisements for student groups onscreen and to allow student groups to co-sponsor movie screenings this semester. However, Visser raised concerns about the screening of The Passion of the Christ that Princeton Faith and Action sponsored this past weekend.

“[Showing certain movies] really marginalizes and damages our relationships with community members here,” Visser said. “For example - The Passion of the Christ - if you Google anti-Semitic movies, it’s the third movie to come up.”

Other Senate members agreed about the necessity for clear and rigid guidelines in future student co-sponsorship movie applications.

Academics Committee Chair Olivia Ott ’20 presented on the progress of the new academic calendar proposal. The faculty will vote on the proposal on Apr. 23, and the 2020-21 academic year will be the earliest that the proposal will go into effect.

“It is looking optimistic that it will be approved by the faculty,” Ott said.

Negrón-Reichard further proposed that the Social Committee and the Chief Elections Manager organize a “Get Out The Vote” event in Frist on Apr. 16. Entitled “Project 50,” the voter registration drive would attempt to raise student participation in Spring USG elections from 15% to 50%.

Social Committee Chair Liam Glass ’19 requested an additional $10,000 to cover production for the Lawnparties headliner. Total USG commitment to Lawnparties would then increase to $117,000.

The Senate approved the proposal.

The Senate also confirmed the following members: Jessica Lawlor ’21 and Anne Crowley ’21 to the University Student Life Committee; Lyubomir Hadjiyski ’21, Samantha Shapiro ’21, and Jocelyn Reckford ’20 to the Academics Committee; Marcus Jonas ’21 to the Communications Committee; Aditya Shah ’21 as U-Councilor; and Maris Fechter ’19 as Website Manager.

The next USG meeting will take place on Apr. 15, 2018.

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