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For the first time in Prospect Avenue’s history, nine of 11 elected eating club presidents will be women. Cottage Club and Cannon Dial Elm Club also elected Casey Swezey ’19 and Julia Haney ’19, respectively, as the first woman president in each club’s history. 

Hannah Paynter ’19 of Cloister Inn, Kimberly Peterson ’19 of Colonial Club, Mimi Asom ’19 of Ivy Club, Sarah Spergel ’19 of Quadrangle Club, Liz Yu ’19 of Terrace Club, Maggie McCallister ’19 of Tiger Inn, and Rachel Macaulay ’19 of Tower Club were elected by their members, with TI having held its elections late tonight, Feb. 28. 

The landmark number comes almost half a century after the first woman students were admitted to the University.

RJ Hernandez ’19 of Cap & Gown Club and Conor O’Brien ’19 of Charter Club were the only two men elected to the office this year.

Terrace and Colonial were the first eating clubs to admit women in 1969, with Ivy and TI as the last, delaying co-ed membership until 1991.

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