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President Eisgruber and five members of the University engineering faculty attended the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum on Jan. 23-26. The meeting, held in Davos, Switzerland, brought together leaders in politics, business, and academia from around the world to discuss global challenges and solutions.

University professors participated in a panel on “Understanding Neural and Digital Networks” as part of the Forum’s “IdeasLab” series, in which academics present their research findings to a small audience of international leaders, who examine and discuss these ideas. Eisgruber introduced the panel, which included faculty members Jennifer Rexford ’91, an engineering professor and chair of the Department of Computer Science, Yoram Singer, a professor of computer science, and Sebastian Seung, a professor in neuroscience and computer science.

Rexford also spoke on a panel about the impact of artificial intelligence on society, alongside Microsoft president and University trustee Brad Smith ’81 and McKinsey Global Institute chair and director James Manyika.

Eisgruber participated in the Global University Leaders Forum, a community of 27 university presidents that focuses on research and educational agendas, and serves as an intellectual advisory body for the World Economic Forum. On Jan. 23, Eisgruber hosted a “Princeton in Davos” reception for alumni and the media.

In addition to the engineering professors, other Princeton faculty attended the meeting, including Nobel laureate and Wilson School professor emeritus Sir Angus Deaton and professor of politics Jan-Werner Müller.

Eisgruber participated in the 2016 forum as well, where he gave a talk with Smith about how universities can foster innovation by collaborating with non-academic partners. 

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