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On Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017, the Undergraduate Student Government Social Committee hosted the first ever Jingle Ball Concert Giveaway in the Frist Gallery during late meal hours! The giveaway was for four floor seats at the Jingle Ball Philadelphia the very next day, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017.

Our winners left in style — in an A1 Limousine from the front of Campus Club.

The giveaway event was a trivia competition of 50 multiple choice questions about the artists at the Jingle Ball Philadelphia. 

The winners were the Gagandeep Kaur, Alice Xu, Sera Gorucu, and Jaspreet Kalsi, who led the competition at 32 points! Hear what they had to say about their experiences:

What do you guys study, and what do you do on campus?

Gagan (GK): sophomore, Philosophy and pre-med. On campus: Sikhs of Princeton, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Project Solidarity, Petey Greene.

Alice (AX): sophomore, English. On campus: Nassau Literary Review, Community Link, Princeton Model UN.

Sera (SG): sophomore, Computer Science. On campus: Arch & Arrow, Big Sibs program.

Jaspreet (JK): sophomore, Philosophy and pre-med. On campus: Debate Team, Sikhs of Princeton, Princeton Plays.

How did you guys find out about the Jingle Ball Concert Giveaway?

GK: I saw the email and saw Fall Out Boy and Kesha! I had never gone to a big concert before. I wasn’t expecting anything to come of it, but thought it’d a cool night to have. So I texted them [AX, SG, JK], and by some miracle they all said yes!

What sort of knowledge about the Jingle Ball or the artists did you have before hand?

SG: I knew that it [Jingle Ball] was a thing, and had heard it advertised on radio every year.

GK: Personally, I just knew that Jingle Ball was a thing that existed…I try to keep up with pop culture, generally…I knew that Sera really liked Fall Out Boy and Alice really liked Charlie Puth.

SG: When I heard the artists playing—they’re all kind of a big deal…None of us were really prepared [for the trivia competition] just by being fans…We assigned each other questions based on who we already knew!

JK: I knew about the event from radio advertising. I never expected to go to one.

Who are your favorite artists (from Jingle Ball)?

GK: Fall Out Boy! And Kesha.

SG: Fall Out Boy, Kesha—I’m really into her big rebirth right now, and am also kind of a big fan of One Direction, so it was good to see Niall and Liam. I fell in love with Charlie Puth during Jingle Ball!

AX: Charlie Puth, Halsey, and Fall Out Boy.

JK: Halsey, and The Chainsmokers. I’d seen The Chainsmokers once before, but the one that ended up the best was Kesha.

What were some of the most memorable questions/answers from the trivia night?

GK: The size of Charlie Puth’s shoe - I’ll never forget that he’s a size 11.

SG: Liam’s fear of spoons - none of us knew that, but we just had a feeling.

GK: The number of people who came to Halsey’s concert to get their hair dyed.

SG: The tiebreaker question, too. [NOTE: The tiebreaker question was short answer, and asked contestants to estimate, to the nearest ten-thousand, how many Twitter followers all of the artists at the Jingle Ball Philly had, combined.]

JK: That it took Halsey 3 weeks to sell out Madison Square Garden, and that The Chainsmokers’ first show was opening up for Timeflies in Terminal 5.

Also, a fun fact that I was surprised you guys didn’t bring up was that Halsey once performed a show a few hours after a miscarriage!

SG: We were just reciting these facts to each other for the days afterwards.

JK: We were yelling out these facts during the concert as well!

SG: Made me feel more endeared towards them [the artists], and made the concert even better.

Tell us about the concert itself!

GK: We were pretty close to the front when Fall Out Boy (FOB) came on stage. All of us super excited that it was FOB! The audience around us were middle school or high schoolers, and they didn’t really know FOB.

SG: They were probably One Directioners. I don’t mean to say it in a demeaning way…

GK: Pete Wentz made eye contact with all of us multiple times. Then, after one song, he called out: “You guys over there! You guys are real true fans!” He brought us side stage, and the stage hands were moving us closer…

SG: The stage hands did not like our presence there!

GK: Alice was avoiding going on stage so she stayed behind in her seat, then I turned and was like, the set list [FOB’s set list] is in Sera’s lap! Most of us didn’t even listen to most of Logic’s set after [FOB]!

SG: I was incapacitated! I went into actual shaking…[Later], I tweeted at Pete Wentz, and he replied to our Tweet!

What are your views on Princeton’s approach to arts and entertainment?

JK: We would never have come to an event like this if it were not for USG.

AX: Princeton tries to engage with the community and bringing people who are up and coming, and really engaging with prominent figures.

GK: Art and music in general…We don’t do a lot off-campus, [on-campus], it’s very Princeton-centric, it is very student oriented or student created. Just going to see art museums or small concerts around the NJ area - helps to get off campus. Something like a concert like this…even if we hadn’t won, the trivia night would have been worth it!

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