Support the ‘Prince’

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For this spring’s Lawnparties, Charter Club will bring the talented Maryland-based trio Prinze George. Consisting of members Kenny Grimm (production/instrumental), Naomi Almquist (vocals), and Isabelle De Leon (drums), Prinze George specializes in chill ’80s-inspired beats that are sure to keep you moving all day.

Prinze George’s breakout single, “Victor,” is a great mixture of up-tempo beats and down-tempo vocals that manages to pump people up while simultaneously creating a relaxing atmosphere. The first track of its debut album, “Upswing,” features even more feel-good beats and Almquist’s melancholic vocals. After listening to “Upswing,” I realized that it was perfect for spring Lawnparties. At this point in the year, it’s easy for students to feel overwhelmed with the laundry list of things we all have left to do. “Upswing,” though, reminds us that we are indeed on the upswing in this final stretch of the year before graduation or summer break and internships.

I asked Charter Club’s social chair, Josh Freeman ’18, why he chose to book Prinze George for this year’s Lawnparties, and he responded, “Prinze George has a unique sound that stood out to me. I was captivated by the combination of their songs’ upbeat nature and lead singer Naomi Almquist’s stunning vocals. I found myself quickly dancing in my chair when I listened to their songs ‘Victor’ and ‘Upswing.’ The more I listened to their songs, the more I wanted them to come to Charter.” Prinze George will be delighting us with its uplifting music at Charter Club this Sunday starting at 1:30 p.m.

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