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The Department of Public Safety responded to a report of "terroristic threats" incident on Sept. 28, 2016. As noted in the Clery Crime and Fire Log, the events took place near Peretsman-Scully Hall and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute complex at some time between Sept. 1, 2016 and Sept. 28, 2016.

Further investigation on behalf of Public Safety revealed that the threats were “not credible,” University spokesperson John Cramer said.

Cramer stated that the threats came about as a “disagreement between two University employees,” both of whom were staff members at the time of the incident.

Reported to Public Safety at 3:34 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, the case was closed by the following morning.

Cramer could not comment on the nature of the threats themselves, the investigative process, or the form — speech, text, etc. — in which the statement to Public Safety was made. Additional information about the incident has not been released.

According to New Jersey Criminal codes, a person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if she/he threatens to commit any crime of violence “with purpose to terrorize another or to cause evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation, or otherwise to cause serious public inconvenience.”

Cramer did not disclose what differentiates a credible threat from one that is “not credible” in legal terms. Yet, Section 1.2.1 of Rights, Rules, Responsibilities reads, “Respect for the rights, privileges, and sensibilities of each other is essential in preserving the spirit of community at Princeton. Actions which make the atmosphere intimidating, threatening, or hostile to individuals are therefore regarded as serious offenses.”

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