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The University implemented student technology changes this fall, including a new printing system with a Google Cloud Print platform and a shift towards broader use of the eduroam service.

The new PawPrint system enables students, faculty, and staff to print necessary documents with ease, University Media Relations Specialist Min Pullan said. The prior system, which was based on a system called "Pharos Uniprint,” required individuals to enter credentials via keyboard using a PC-based print release station.

The new system, called Papercut, uses a card reader to release the print job.

“This new platform enabled us to introduce a new print option for mobile devices called Google Cloud Print to supplement the existing email-to-print service we introduced in 2014,” Pullan said.

“I really like the new printing system, because it’s so much more convenient overall now. [Installation] is easier and printing with the Prox to login is a miracle,” Hun Choi ’17 said.

Pullan explained that in addition to the changes in the printing system, students will be encouraged to use the new eduroam WiFi network as a supplement to the current PUWireless network.

“There is the added convenience that you can access wireless service at other institutions that also offer eduroam; when members of the Princeton community are visiting other universities around the world, they simply open their laptops and are on that school's eduroam network,” Pullan said.

“When I was on Stanford University’s campus this summer, it was convenient for me to access the school’s WiFi because I don’t have unlimited data,” Choi said.

"Eduroam is useful because when I'm in at an IVY league conference I'm able to access internet from everywhere like Harvard," Chelsea Ng '19 said. "I think it's a great addition, especially at these conferences where a collaborative environment is needed."

Data transmitted over eduroam is encrypted, thus offering better security than PUWireless, Pullan added. Eduroam also requires a netID and password for an additional level of protection.

All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to configure their wireless devices for eduroam first, and then PUWireless, she said.

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