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Five administrative positions in four of the residential colleges will have a staffing change, according to Senior Associate Dean of the CollegeClaire Fowler.

Alexis Andres, the new dean of Whitman College, has moved from her previous role as the director of student life at Butler College.

Rashidah Andrews, formerly thePrincipal Academic Advisor in the College of Liberal Artsat Temple University, will be the new Director of Studies at Forbes College.

Jaclyn Schwalm, the new director of studies at Whitman, has served on the Council of Science and Technology, as a faculty adviser in Butler, and as a faculty member of the Department of Molecular Biology.

Cecily Swanson moved into the role of director of studies at Mathey College after having served as a member of the faculty in the Writing Program.

Butler has not yet chosen a new director of studies.

Andres, Schwalm, and Swanson will be transitioning into their respective positions this fall.

Fowler explained that she was not worried about changes since most of the new deans and directors have been from within the University community.

Andrews and Schwalmwere unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Swanson could not be reached for comments at the time of publication.

“It is unusual to have this much turnover, but lots of new people brings lots of new ideas,” Fowler said. “We are sorry to lose our old colleagues but we are bringing in people with fresh ideas so we are very happy about it all.”

The series of staffing changes started with former Dean of Whitman College Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu moving to take over as the director of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, Fowler noted. While her move was internal, Justin Lorts, former director of studies at Whitman, moved to Washington, D.C. for personal reasons, and Renita Miller, former director of studies at Forbes, accepted a new position at Yale University.

Andres said her move to Whitman as the dean brings excitement, as it allows her to not only work one-on-one with students as she did in her old job as the director of student life, but also to touch their academic lives more intentionally.

“I wore all my whale clothes to prepare for the interview and channeled my inner whale,” she said.

She added that former Dean Graves-Bayazitoglu’s departure made her feel apprehensive about whether students would feel as comfortable coming to her, but said she has been spending her first few weeks trying to get a feel for Whitman’s unique culture.

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