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A fire that resulted from a cooking accident was reported at Lakeside Apartments last night.

It was contained before the arrival of emergency service units, according to University Media Relations Specialist Min Pullan.

Lakeside Apartments is a new residential unit for graduate students that opened in December of 2015.

Pullan said that following a referral around 9:54 p.m. Tuesday night, the Princeton Fire Department was dispatched to 600 Hibben Magie Road.

According to Kyle Rendall, deputy chief of the Princeton Fire Department, the apartment where the fire occurred is a five-story non-combustible building.

“Public Safety received a call from a resident advising that there was a ‘cooking fire,’” Pullan explained, “the resident was heating oil in a pan which became too hot.”

"The first arriving engine crew performed their initial investigation and reported a small grease fire in a pan on the stove in unit #213 and that the fire was extinguished by the tenant prior to our arrival," Rendall said.

Every residential unit in Lakeside has its own kitchen.

Pullan confirmed that when the Department of Public Safety arrived at the scene, the fire was already out. However, a smoke condition was present, she added.

Crews subsequently checked to verify that the fire did not spread to areas around the stove. The housing unit was also ventilated to expel the smoke and odor, Rendall explained.

There was no significant reported damage to the building and no individuals have been harmed, according to Pullan.

Director of Public Safety Paul Ominsky deferred comment to Pullan.

Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab also responded to the scene, according to Rendall.

On April 10, a fire at Edwards Place, another graduate residential unit, displaced six individuals who are currently settled in residential units across campus.

During that instance, according to fire chief Dan Tomalin, when his team first arrived, they detected smoke from the right of the dwelling around a window in between the first and the second floors.

Crews quickly found the fire in the walls between the first and second floors, and the fire was contained to the wall, Tomalin said. The crew had to remove several walls in order to access the fire, he explained.

In addition to the walls that were torn down, there was smoke and water damage to the first and second floor, which rendered the unit uninhabitable. There were no reported injuries to fire personnel or residents, Tomalin said.

According to the fire safety policies established by Housing and Real Estate Services, current University policies prohibit cooking in dormitory and annex rooms in compliance with the New Jersey Hotels and Multiple Dwelling Act.

“Student-owned microwaves are not permitted anywhere in dormitories or annexes. If discovered, unauthorized appliances will be confiscated,” current policies read.

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