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A case of sexual assault allegedly took place at Tiger Inn in October, according to the University's federally mandateddaily crime log.

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A University student was allegedly photographed performing a sexual act in front of others at TI, according to Captain Nick Sutter, the Princeton Police Department chief.

The incident was first reported byPlanet Princetonon Tuesdayafternoon, whose reporter also informed the Princeton Police about the incident.

According to the article, the student was a freshman who was allegedly performing oral sex on another student on the TI dance floor. An unidentified officer of the club allegedly circulated the picture to other students. The article does not include any named sources.

"At no point did our department receive a report of the this incident from a witness or victim prior to me being notified by a member of the press," Sutter saidon Tuesdayafternoon. "We do not have any information relating to whether the alleged acts were consensual or non-consensual with respect to the individuals involved."

He explained that no victim or witness has come forward and that the extent of the investigation is limited.

The incident was reported to the University on Monday evening. The incident would have taken place at midnight on Friday, Oct. 10, a night on which TI is usually open to members and non-members who have obtained passes.

University spokesperson Martin Mbugua confirmed that the University was aware of the incident and said the Princeton Police Department was in charge of the investigation, although the Department of Public Safety was notified by a campus security authority.

“It is an ongoing investigation, so it would be premature to talk about any actions until that process is complete,” Mbugua said.

TI Graduate Board president Hap Cooper ’82 said the board was aware of the incident and that both the board and the University are conducting investigations.

“We have no idea if measures [against students] will be taken; we’re going to wait to see what the investigations show up to make decisions about the consequences,” Cooper said. He estimated that the investigations would be complete by Thanksgiving.

The distribution of a photo of a sexual act falls under New Jersey’s invasion of privacy laws, which prohibit disseminating nude or sexual photos of another person without that person’s permission. It is a crime of the fourth degree to observe a person engaging in sexual contact under circumstances in which a reasonable person would not expect to be observed and a crime of the third degree to photograph and circulate photographs of a person engaging in sexual contact without their consent.

The club was closed for two months in 2006 following pickups weekend, following allegations of two instances of sexual assault.

Earlier this year, all but two TI officers were forced to resign following an unauthorized party involving the heavy drinking semi-secret society known as the 21 Club.

TI Officers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Anonymous tips can be sent to or by calling 609-258-3632.

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