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Three years sincefreshmen were banned from rushing, 283 students participated in sorority rush activities last week, and about 170 students ended up joining a sorority.

This year's recruitment process had the highest number of participants in recent years.

Before the rush ban, an average of around 200 students had been rushing the sororities, with 206 students rushing in 2011, and 210 students rushing in 2010. The number dropped to 74 in 2012, the first year of the freshman rush ban, and consisted of students who had already had the chance to rush during their freshman year. Last year, 209 students participated in sorority recruitment.

A group of 283 students, comprised solely of sophomores, juniors and seniors, participated in the initial recruitment events this year according to sources with direct knowledge of the events.

The sources were granted anonymity to discuss the events of this year's recruitment process. Sororities generally prohibit their members from discussing issues related to their membership with the press.

Princeton Panhellenic Councilpresident Samantha Lee '15 declined to disclose this year's rush numbers, but issued a statement regarding this year's sorority rush activities saying she was pleased with the results of recruitment.

President of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sooyeon Kim '15, president of Kappa Alpha Theta Helen Daifotis '15 and president of Pi Beta Phi Jacquie Marshall '16 either declined to disclose the numbers or did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Fifty-five students pledged membership to Kappa, 58 to Theta and 59 to Pi Phi this year.

About 100 of the initial participants did not join any of the three Panhellenic societies.

The pledge membership numbers are slightly above last year’s, when 49 students pledged membership to Kappa, 50 to Theta and 51 to Pi Phi. These figures are also slightly higher than figures predating the freshman rush ban, when sororities drew pledge classes of about 50 members each.

While male students rush one individual fraternity, and recruitment differs for each organization, female students rush all three sororities under the umbrella of the Panhellenic council, then rank the sororities according to their preference. They may then receive a bid from one of the three sororities.

The University prohibited freshmen from rushing in September 2012 and does not officially recognize fraternities and sororities on campus.

Fall recruitment took place Sept. 17-19.

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