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Brian Reilly ’14 won the Young Alumni Trustee election and will begin a four-year term as a University trustee on July 1, the University announced on Friday.

The general election ran from April 29 to May 21, and only members of the Class of 2014 could run for the position.

Luchi Mmegwa ’14 and Mark Benjamin ’14 also made it to the run off election. The three finalists were selected in a primary election among 17 seniors that ran for the position. The Class of 2014 had the smallest pool of candidates since 2002.

Reilly is a native of McLean, Va. and majored in the Wilson School. He will be a Princeton in Latin America fellow after graduation.

"[My goals as trustee are] to learn a lot and to take my wide-ranging experiences and intense passion for Princeton to help in any way I can,” Reilly said. “Mental health issues. Social issues. Academic struggles. It’s an amazing place, but there are a lot of problems, and in order for every student to reach their potential and achieve their best, there are things that can be worked on and things we can do.”

Reilly said he didn’t have any specific policy goals yet because he will be better able to formulate them when he has access to more information as a trustee. However, he did mention that it would “be awesome to share [a Princeton education] with as many people as possible.” University President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 said in a lecture yesterday that the University should consider admitting more students each year.

Reilly said that part of his motivation to run for trustee was to remain involved with the University for another four years.

“I thought this would be a great job because I have a wide range of experiences and can consider a lot of different sectors of Princeton, so to speak, and I thought I would do a good job representing all the different people,” he said.

Reilly is a residential college adviser in Rockefeller College, a residential adviser in the Freshman Scholars Institute, a four-year member of the varsity lacrosse team, a peer tutor in Spanish and French and a member of Aquinas College Campus Ministry.

In summer 2012, Reilly conducted research for the University’s Innovations for Successful Societies, an on-campus program that explores civic reform in the developing world. The following summer, he was a leadership development intern for the Truman National Security Project in Washington, D.C.

As part of the University’s Bridge Year program in Peru, Reilly spent nine months before freshman year installing ceramic stoves in homes, manufacturing and distributing water filters, as well as building recreation facilities and teaching at a public secondary school.

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