The 2014 Class Council postponed its Pub Night scheduled for Monday evening due to rain on Ivy Inn’s facilities.

In an email addressed to the members of the senior class, Luchi Mmegwa ’14, the president of the 2014 Class Council, announced the rescheduling of the event, which allows seniors of legal drinking age to consume alcohol together at a bar that the Class Council reserves.

A previous Pub Night this year was held at the Triumph Brewery on Nassau Street.

An Ivy Inn representative explained that the Inn has an outdoor patio at the back, which the Class of 2014 had originally intended to use for the event. However, since the patio is not covered, the seniors could not use it in the event of rain.

The rescheduled Pub Night will take place at Ivy Inn on April 14th, starting at 11 p.m.

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