Princeton University was ranked sixth in the latest edition of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, which was released Wednesday. The University had a total score of 92.7 out of 100.

The California Institute of Technology topped the rankings with a total score of 94.9, followed by the University of Oxford and Harvard University, each with a score of 93.9. Stanford came in fourth with a score of 93.8, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology came in fifth with a total score of 93.0.

The rankings weigh each University’s performance in 13 indicators broken down into five areas: teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook. Teaching, research and citations were weighted highest at 30 percent of the overall score, while industry income and international outlook were not worth as much. The University scored an 89.9 in teaching, a 97.6 in research, a 99.7 in citations, an 80.5 in industry income, and a 59.6 in international outlook.

The University had the same ranking and total score in the 2012-13 edition of the rankings.

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