Mark Benjamin ’14, Luchi Mmegwa ’14 and Brian Reilly ’14 have been elected finalists for the position of Young Alumni Trustee for the Class of 2014.

Each graduating class elects one of their members every year to serve on the University's Board of Trustees. The Young Alumni Trustee serves in this position for four years after graduation.

The three finalists were selected in a primary election between 17 seniors that ran for the position. The Class of 2014 had the smallest pool of candidates since 2002.

Benjamin is a computer science concentrator from Plainsboro, N.J. He has been involved with the Pace Center throughout his four years, where he participated in breakout trips and helped improve literacy programs for middle school students.He is also one of eight students to travel to Peru as part of the reinstitution of Pace’s international breakout trips this year.

“I think it’s probably working through the Pace Center that has given me leadership opportunities to assess how to best help a group of people,” he said.

Benjamin has also worked at a local senior center helping with computer problems and has been a Community Action leader for three years.

Mmegwa is a Wilson School concentrator from Burlington, Ontario. He has served as the Class of 2014 president and currently chairs the Honor Committee, which he has been a member of since his freshman year.Mmegwa is also a mentor through the Princeton University Mentoring Program,

“Ever since I got to campus, I’ve been looking for opportunities to give back,” Mmegwa said. “Princeton has had a large impact on my development as a student and as a person.”

Mmegwa explained that he has had the opportunity to view the campus from multiple perspectives. As class president, he explained, he has been able to interact with administrators, and has seen the school from an administrative perspective. As a part of the University's Alumni Association, he has also had a chance to interact with alumni and view the university from an alumnus's perspective.

Reilly is a Wilson School concentrator from McLean, Va. He has been a member of the men’s varsity lacrosse team since his freshman year, and he participated in Princeton’s Bridge Year program in Peru.

While in Peru, he volunteered at Pro World Peru, a nongovernmental organization. He helped families in rural areas, built a green space park in a poor neighborhood, taught English and worked at a local health clinic.

“I like to think that I’ve walked an unusual path at Princeton,” Reilly said. “Each person I’ve met has taught me a lot, humbled and inspired me. I think I would be able to keep the many different interests of the Princeton community in mind when serving on the board.”

Reilly is also a residential college adviser in Rockefeller College and has been a Spanish peer tutor in Rocky.

The general election between the final three candidates will runfrom April 29 to May 21.

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