Due to the successive winter storms, the statewide demand for salt has exceeded the capacity of suppliers, resulting in a regional shortage of road salt, the Princeton Packet reported.

A 100-ton salt shipment was expected to arrive at Princeton on Thursday, but it is now expected to arrive early next week, and it may not be the full order, Mayor Liz Lempert said.

As of Thursday, Princeton had only half the amount of salt the municipality uses during snowstorms.As a result, the Department of Public Works employees will use a combination of salt and sand in order to clear smaller roads.

The director of emergency management has the power to implement the Princeton Emergency Action Plan due to the state of emergency, and Princeton agencies are able to use property owned by Princeton to protect life and property.

The removal of cars from the streets and unnecessary traffic is also required.

Municipal offices and public schools in the area were closed on Thursday.Garbage collection was suspended for Thursday and is expected to resume Friday.

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