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A U-Store employee was charged by the Borough Police this week for allegedly engaging in prostitution in the store after it closed.

Eric Everett, 23, of Chesterfield, N.J., had worked at the U-Store for three years and held a nighttime manager position at the 36 University Place location. U-Store President Jim Sykes discovered him allegedly stealing food items from the store accompanied by Brittany Smith, 20, of Keyport, N.J. 

Sykes confronted Everett about the incident on Thursday, Sept. 20. Sykes noticed the suspected theft while reviewing the security surveillance tape from the previous day.

“We saw her on tape with him, and he was taking some food items and putting them in a grocery bag,” Sykes said. “[Everett] said she was his ex-girlfriend.”

After confronting Everett, Sykes suspended him from the U-Store then contacted the Borough Police, who took Everett in for questioning. On Friday, Sykes sent Everett a letter terminating his employment at the U-Store. He explained that he did not receive any further news about the investigation until Everett’s arrest. He also said he didn't know that Everett had allegedly engaged in prostitution prior to his arrest.

The police said they uncovered the acts of prostitution while investigating the thefts. The pair met on Craigslist and planned to meet in the on-campus location at certain times and engage in sexual activity, the police said. Smith set the price for the sexual acts, which happened at least three times, the police noted.

“To my understanding, it was after hours,” Borough Police Captain Nick Sutter said, although he could not specify the exact hours.

The U-Store is open for 20 hours every day during the school year, from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m., and is operated independently of the University.

Smith was arrested on Tuesday, a day after Everett, and was found in possession of Adderall tablets and a marijuana pipe, the police allege. She has been charged with shoplifting, possession of controlled dangerous substances and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Both have been released without bail, and their court date is scheduled for Oct. 1. Neither has a lawyer, according to Sutter.

Attempts to contact Everett and Smith, neither of whom are University students, were unsuccessful.   

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