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The total number of new members is a significant increase from the 120 students who signed in to the club in 2010. In 2009, Terrace accepted 115 over the two rounds and reported filling to capacity.

Eight additional students who sought membership were placed on a waitlist for Terrace. Club president Dimitris Papaconstantinou ’13 said in an interview with The Daily Princetonian last week that the club would find it difficult to accommodate more than 140 new members.

Despite the extra 20 students, Papaconstantinou said in an email that the large number of members would not negatively affect the club.

“I would say that having more members means that we will have more viewpoints, more music and more diversity, all of which are elements that Terrace strives for,” he said.

Papaconstantinou said that the increase in interest was a result of the club’s success in providing students with “a constant source of music, delicious food and love.”

“First and foremost, it is the character of the club, which is one of total acceptance, fun and music, that I think is something that resonates with most members,” Papaconstantinou said.

After last year’s meteoric increase in first- and second-round sign-in numbers, Colonial Club’s membership dropped this year to 107 new sophomores and upperclassmen, slightly less than the 120 expected, according to Colonial president Roland Hwang ’13. A total of 95 sophomores signed in, with 65 in the first round and 30 in the second.

Hwang said that this year’s drop is due partially to a change in possible dining plans.

“The decrease from last year can be attributed to a number of factors, including getting rid of the 9 shared meal plan option which was open to both juniors and seniors,” Hwang said in an email. “Overall, this year’s number is very healthy, seeing as it is not too big of a drop from before.”

Cloister Inn added 46 people in the second round of sign-ins, bringing the total number of sign-ins up to 78, according to an email from president Brian Wettach ’13. Last spring, Cloister filled to capacity at 113 members and used a waitlist. Six new members joined this past fall.

The officers of Quadrangle Club did not respond to requests for comment on the total number of sign-ins. Quad historically has not provided sign-in figures for either round to the ‘Prince,’ though Dinesh Maneyapanda ’94 said in an interview last week that Quad saw a 40 percent increase in its first-round sign-in figures due to a new reduction in club fees.

Charter Club, which uses a weighted point system for signing in and ended its waitlist this year, was the only club to fill to capacity during first-round sign-ins with 100 new members.

Excluding Quad, the remaining four sign-in clubs now have a total incoming membership of 445, compared to 904 students who bickered the six bicker clubs, of which 573 were accepted.

Clarification: A previous version of this article omitted the name of the shared meal plan option at Colonial Club. The "9 shared meal plan option" will be eliminated, but the club will still offer 50 shared meal plans.

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