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Zoya Gauhar


Q&A with 2020 Searle Scholar and U. Biology Professor Britt Adamson

Adamson’s work focuses on understanding how somatic cells respond to DNA damage and mutations. Her lab hopes to achieve an understanding of how DNA damage affects cells as a whole, as opposed to past approaches that focus on individualized mechanisms of cell responses.  

The desk chair and the rear: A dormitory war


It is a known fact, by anyone who has attempted to get work done while sitting in one, that the dorm desk chairs do not do a good job at the one thing that is expected from a desk chair: being a comfortable place to sit, which would allow the user to get their work done. 

Art Museum presents works of Hugh Hayden at Bainbridge House

On Jan. 18, the University Art Museum opened a new art installment, entitled “Creation Myths,” at the recently renovated Bainbridge House, located on 158 Nassau Street. The installment, composed of four pieces by contemporary artist Hugh Hayden, is set to be displayed until June 7, 2020.

Q&A with MacArthur Genius Jeffrey Miller ’06

The Daily Princetonian phoned MacArthur grant recipient Dr. Jeffrey Miller ’06 to discuss his research, his future plans in his scholarly career, and to look back at his time at the University. The interview has been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

Respecting those who make Princeton a great place to live


Today, ask the person who swipes your meal card how their day is going. Make the effort to pick up that piece of paper towel that accidentally missed the trash can. Thank the cook that made a warm stew for you on another one of those cold New Jersey days.