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Student Life

Updated: USG Senate votes to allow Ogle ’15 to run for president against Jackson ’15

Class of 2015 senator Zach Ogle will be allowed to run against USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 in the upcoming presidential elections, the USG Senate decided in a vote on Sunday night.The vote came after Ogle appealed a decision made by chief elections manager Rachel Nam ’15 last Tuesday, in whichshe disqualified himfrom the campaign for failing to submit one Google Doc among several pieces of required paperwork on time.With this decision, current USG president Jackson will no longer be running unopposed for reelection.Ogle handed in his candidate statement and signed petition at 4:55 p.m.

NEWS | 11/17/2013

Relief efforts for Typhoon Haiyan mobilized by University community in time for Homecoming weekend

Student council volunteers gathered$2,400 to support the victims of Typhoon Haiyan through the charitable organizations Oxfam International, Catholic Relief Services and Stiftung Solarenergie by selling T-shirts at the Princeton/Yale football game this weekend, according to Deputy Dean of Undergraduate Students Thomas Dunne. The United Nations has put the typhoon's death toll at 4,200 people as of Saturday, although the Philippine government has insisted that the death toll is closer to 3,637, NBC News reported. The storm, which struck on the morning of Nov.

NEWS | 11/17/2013

Q&A: David Lisak, Ph.D., expert on sexual assault prevention education

University of Massachusetts professor David Lisak is a clinical psychologist who studies interpersonal violence.Prior to the first session of Lisak's three-part lecture on sexual assault at Princeton, The Daily Princetonian spoke with him on Princeton’s sexual assault statistics in relation to nationwide statistics. The Daily Princetonian: To put this into context at Princeton, more than 15 percent of female undergraduates have reported experiencing non-consensual vaginal penetration during their time at the University, according to an unpublished survey.

NEWS | 11/17/2013

Updated: Princeton expected to make decision on unapproved meningitis vaccine Monday

The University is expected to announce Monday whether it will allow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to offer a meningitis vaccine not yet approved for use in the United States to the Princeton community. SevenUniversity-associated individualshave been hospitalized with the disease since March.

NEWS | 11/15/2013


LGBT Center Outreach Chats offer anonymous support for questioning students

Those questioning their sexual identity or searching for LGBT resources need not look further than their computer screens. The LGBT Center’s Outreach Chats Program, a service providing an anonymous online chat resource for students to communicate with trained peer educators, is now receiving regular business in its second year.

NEWS | 11/14/2013

HackPrinceton site What Would I Say passes 1 million hits, gains national attention

“We lured a girl into the Large Hadron Collider.” “Herman Cain has already received a carefully groomed mustache.” "We tried to eat our spectacular students." These are just three examples of the randomly generated non sequiturs produced by What Would I Say, a website developed by seven Princeton graduate students during last weekend's HackPrinceton event.

NEWS | 11/13/2013

Proposed amendments to separate class governments from Senate shows tensions between two bodies

The USG Senate and class governments could become two independent bodies if the Senate passes several amendments in its upcoming meetings. The proposed amendments were discussed and written jointly by the class governments and members of the Senate, USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 said.

NEWS | 11/13/2013

Updated: Seventh Princeton-associated case of meningitis treated at hospital

A male student was diagnosed with meningitisSundaymorning in the seventh case of the disease associated with the University since March. The student sought treatment at University Health ServicesSaturdayfor symptoms of acute illness, according to a health advisory email sentto all undergraduate students Sundayevening.

NEWS | 11/10/2013

International students get taste of American culture through Davis Center's Thanksgiving host program

As Thanksgiving approaches and many students head home for the holiday, a group of their international peers will experience American culture firsthand through the Thanksgiving Host Family Program run by the Friends of Davis International Center.The program began four years ago to accommodate students and academic fellows who remained on campus for Thanksgiving, according to Hanna Hand, volunteer liaison to the Davis International Center and the director of the program.

NEWS | 11/07/2013

Graduate students petition against Butler Apartments demolition

Over 200 graduate students have signed a petition protesting the demolition of Butler Apartments under the University’s Housing Master Plan. The petitiondemands increased transparency and communication about graduate housing from the administration.The petition expresses disapproval of what students see as a current lack of on-campus housing options, citing excessive pressures placed on older students, whose stipends are ending, and Princeton’s limited housing market as factors that will undermine the unique graduate community.“The closure of Butler Apartments without specific plans for reconstruction is imprudent, unnecessary and ignores the needs of graduate students with limited income, with pets or with partners and/or children,” the petition reads.

NEWS | 11/06/2013

Alleged Projects Board funding violation found to be clerical error

Projects Board did not violate the USG constitution in its funding request awarded to the Tango Club, Projects Board co-chair Jared Peterson ’14 and USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 confirmedMonday. While reviewing the budget at its meetingon Sunday, the USG found that Projects Board had allegedly approved $1,800 for Tango Club’s Tango Festival.

NEWS | 10/22/2013