Tuesday, December 6

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Student Life

Princeton Tower Club

Theft takes place in Tower Friday morning

In an email to members, Tower Club president Aliya Somani ’20 said that the club will be implementing new safety measures, including adding code locks on other commonly used doors and additional officer protocols to secure the club after dark. In another email, she said that staff will check that the kitchen exit and other exits are locked as they leave the club. 

NEWS | 04/22/2019


Student Climate Initiative proposes referendum to reduce U. emissions

Sustainability will be on the ballot in the University Student Government (USG) Spring Elections next week. The Princeton Student Climate Initiative (PSCI) has placed a referendum on the USG ballot calling for the University to reduce carbon emissions. The University has already set a goal for carbon neutrality by 2046, but the PSCI sees the current goal as unclear and incomprehensive.

NEWS | 04/14/2019

Title IX graffiti preview

Graffiti criticizing Title IX found in Prospect Gardens during Preview

On Tuesday, April 9, the first day of Princeton Preview 2019, graffiti was found in Prospect Gardens. Three statements — “Title IX protects rapists” in two places and “Fuck Title IX” in one — were written in dark red ink on the ground of the Class of 1975 Walk. As of Wednesday night, the University was aware of the incident and working to remove the marks.

NEWS | 04/11/2019


Association of Black Seminarians’s petition demanding reparations gathers 572 signatures

The Association of Black Seminarians of Princeton Theological Seminary has released a petition for the institution to annually set aside 15 percent of the portion of the endowment used on operating expenses to fund tuition grants for black students. This would amount to $5.3 million a year, based on an estimate derived from the seminary’s expenses in the 2017–2018 school year. The petition also asks for the establishment of a Black Church Studies program.

NEWS | 04/03/2019

Coffee Club

Coffee club to open student-run coffee shop on campus

Many University students are more than willing to hike uphill to Small World Coffee or Starbucks and cough up as much as four or five dollars for a cup of joe. Starting April 14, however, an alternative option will be celebrating its grand opening. A coffee shop named The Coffee Club, run and staffed entirely by University students, will be taking over the taproom in Campus Club.

NEWS | 03/28/2019

Israel Tiger Trek  Logo

Students organize first international TigerTrek

Ron Miasnik ’22 and Daniella Cohen ’22 planned the first international TigerTrek. Over Intersession 2020, 15 students will travel to Israel, the nation with the most venture capitalist funding per capita of any country in the world.  Participants will spend a week exploring both the entrepreneurial and cultural aspects of Israeli life. Program participants will be selected at the beginning of next school year.  

NEWS | 03/12/2019