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Cap & Gown Club is under construction.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Huh.

Cap & Gown Bicker Chair resigns

“Because I know how critical this role is in the life of the Club and given the step [sic] change in family commitments due to health issues, I have decided to put family first while ensuring the Club has what is needed in a Bicker Chair. This means stepping down,” Kick wrote in an email.

NEWS | 02/24/2019


Accidental transparency: Leaked cards reveal 2017 Ivy Bicker comments

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, an anonymous person submitted a 276-page document that contained each of the 1,460 Bicker cards from Ivy Club’s February 2017 Bicker to Tiger Confessions, a Facebook group where members can submit anonymous confessions. Ivy confirmed to The Daily Princetonian that the Bicker cards uploaded to Tiger Confessions were the same ones publicly accessible through GitHub.

NEWS | 02/08/2019

Quad guarantees no out-of-pocket costs for students on full financial aid

Quadrangle Club president Daniel Pallares Bello ’20 recently announced that the club, often called “Quad” by students, will now guarantee that students on full financial aid will not need to pay any out-of-pocket costs for membership. Pallares Bello hopes that low-income students will no longer face financial obstacles to club membership.

NEWS | 02/04/2019

Bicker week gets a makeover

 Bicker week may be a thing of the past. The Interclub Council (ICC) is calling this winter’s new process Street week, hoping to “shift the language away from ‘bicker’ and towards a Street-wide admissions process,” according to ICC chair and Cloister Inn president Hannah Paynter ’19. 

NEWS | 12/12/2018