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Name, major, fun fact

The introductions trickle around the circle: the kid who’s already taken every class the professor has ever taught, the lone engineer, the person whose most thrilling fun fact is that they … own a cat. It’s the first day of your newest seminar, and it’s time for your first oral presentation. The topic? Yourself.

NEWS | 09/25/2018

Off the Pine Barrens we go

My school year began with wandering off to the middle of the woods, leaving behind all electronic connection, and taking a group of nine first-years with me. We were heading into the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, a place known for its dense and sandy woods. Princeton’s Outdoor Action program takes about 650 first years to explore the outdoors, and every trip experiences something a little different. But my trip wasn’t just a little different, it was a whole ’nother ride. And I guess that’s what college is all about: doing the unexpected and meeting new people during the process.

NEWS | 09/19/2018


Rise and Grind

“How was your summer” rings through the hallways and dining halls followed by brief responses except for the occasional more meaningful conversation with a close friend that turns into a longer catch-up…. 

NEWS | 09/19/2018

Without translation

I’m convinced that this fixation on photos and words stems from my love of revision. To revise is to prettify. For photos, there exist filters; for narratives, lovely words. Still, there were some things I was either unable or unwilling to varnish.

NEWS | 09/19/2018

Sexpert: Hygienically Concerned

Dear Sexpert, I have recently noticed a lot of advertisements on TV for feminine hygiene washes, and am seeing them more in drug stores and even in the U-Store. Do I have to use one of these washes, and are they even safe to use? — Hygienically Concerned

NEWS | 04/25/2018

“The Incorruptible Body” senior thesis review

“The Incorruptible Body,” a senior thesis exhibition by Angélica María Vielma ’18, is currently on view in the Hurley Gallery at the new Lewis Center for the Arts through Saturday, April 14.  The exhibition centers on photographic processes and representations of the self within a framework of Catholic iconography, as well as of Vielma’s own identity as the daughter of practicing clowns.

NEWS | 04/11/2018

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Colon.

Body positivity talk with yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley

As someone with an unhealthy relationship with my own body, I go out of my way to avoid body positivity conversations. Just the thought of being recognized as someone who isn’t skinny is very stressful to me. And over the years, I’ve grown to hate and be very harsh on myself. So yeah, body positivity talks don’t inspire or empower me or cause me to suddenly love myself. And I didn’t feel inspired by this one either. However, this talk had a deep impact on me. Hearing Jessamyn Stanley — who, by the way, is a boss — talk about her experience as a fat woman practicing yoga was a huge wake-up call to me.

NEWS | 04/10/2018