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Letters to the Editor

Committee defines roleThe Feb. 5 article entitled "Committee Supports Safe Bicker Amid Sexual Harassment Concerns" was misleading and represented a fundamental misunderstanding of the commitment that has been made by the eating clubs and the Standing Committee on the Status of Women.

OPINION | 02/09/1998

High book, packet prices continue to place strain on student finances

While many students tend to raise an eyebrow after looking at their receipts from U-Store, Print-It and Pequod purchases, the total prices for a number of classes offered this semester could send students into shock.Students taking ENG 350: "Contemporary Poetry" may have had to use two shopping baskets to carry their required and optional books ? 19 in all ? from the shelves to the register.

NEWS | 02/09/1998

Women's track tops Penn; Penn St., UConn edge men

Both men's and women's track have hit their stride going into the home stretch of the season, a stretch that sees them face traditional rivals in the Harvard-Yale-Princeton meet and also in the upcoming Heptagonal Championships.The weekend saw seven meet records broken, and although the men fell short of victory, the future appears bright for both squads.The women squared-off against Penn, eventually winning handily by 18 points, 68-50.

SPORTS | 02/09/1998


Proctors break up parties as initiations close 'Street'

The Department of Public Safety broke up four different room parties Saturday night. With many of the clubs admitting "members-only" during their initiations, most freshmen chose campus room parties as an alternative to the 'Street.'Lieutenant Lloyd Best of Public Safety explained that the number of parties investigated was higher than usual for a typical weekend night, attributing the increased activity in the rooms to the Bicker and sign-in activities this weekend.

NEWS | 02/08/1998

Letters to the Editor

Please, just the facts ma'amIt's been a tough couple of weeks for the media. Not just the national press, though two weeks of Monica Madness has turned the press against itself and made a potentially important journalistic endeavor into another opportunity to damn the media to hell.

OPINION | 02/08/1998

NCAA recognizes Wang '99 with journalism scholarship

Shirley Wang '99 has been chosen as one of eight recipients of The National Collegiate Athletic Association/Freedom Foundation Sports Journalism Scholarship.The scholarship is a $3,000 award annually given to college juniors through a grant from The Freedom Foundation and the NCAA.According to its charter, the purpose of the scholarship is "to foster freedoms of speech and press while providing quality sports journalism education at the collegiate level." Only collegiate sports writers are eligible for the award."It was a surprise, obviously," said Wang, a sports editor for The Daily Princetonian.

NEWS | 02/08/1998

Men's swimming defeats Harvard, Yale, sets two records

Going into this weekend's Harvard-Yale-Princeton Invitational, head coach Rob Orr equated his team's chances of winning to throwing a deck of cards into the wind ? luck would determine who had more aces showing.But for the Tigers, the deck was all aces.With an onslaught of first-place finishes, Princeton (8-0 overall, 8-0 Eastern Intercollegiate Swimming League) jumped to a surprisingly large lead on the first day of the two-day meet, en route to convincing victories over both Harvard and Yale.A meet that was supposed to be close turned into a relentless drubbing, as the Tigers beat Harvard (6-2, 5-1), 114-49, and Yale (8-3, 5-3), 141-22."They swam beyond expectations," Orr said.

SPORTS | 02/08/1998

Ascher advocates 'passion' in service of USG officers

Last night, in a call to arms for his new administration, USG President David Ascher '99 challenged those involved in student government to exhibit "passion" in their public service this year.At the new administration's first senate meeting, Ascher said USG members should risk being called "tools" or "nerds" to be dedicated to the issues that affect students."Passion and levelheadedness can go hand in hand," Ascher said, adding, "What concerns me is that you don't hear a lot about passion.

NEWS | 02/08/1998

Ascher proposes railing removal due to safety, aesthetic concerns

In response to a public outcry by students and faculty, USG president David Ascher '99 will officially submit a resolution today to the U-Council urging the University "to remove all of the banisters on the Blair Arch steps as soon as possible."In addition to the resolution, Ascher will present a video showing skateboarders and rollerbladers attempting to slide down the stairs using the railings for support, potentially making the steps more dangerous than before the safety railings were added, he said.The U-Council will discuss the resolution, decide whether to support it and suggest to President Shapiro that the handrails be removed. LiabilityLaurel Harvey, director of the University's Office of Risk Management, has been a key proponent of the railings.

NEWS | 02/08/1998

Ease of Travel

After years of inflexibility that often discouraged students from exploring study abroad opportunities, it appears that the Office of the Dean of Student Life and the majority of academic departments are not only allowing ? but actively encouraging ? students to experience foreign study.

OPINION | 02/08/1998

Vanity Fair names Brown most elite, explores stereotypes of Ivy League

Vanity wasn't fair. Or so Brown University students and officials think.Vanity Fair's February issue suggests that Brown University's apparent haute couture, replete with fashionable alumni and "children of A-List New Yorkers," has helped the university leapfrog Princeton ? as well as Harvard and Yale universities ? as the elite Ivy League school to attend.The magazine takes a stab at Old Nassau and its Big 3 brethren, Harvard and Yale, with a graph called the "Fab Four: A freshman guide to Ivy League semiotics." Evgenia Peretz, the graph's creator, pokes fun at stereotypes attached to the four schools.

NEWS | 02/08/1998