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Committee endorses move toward P/D/F-rescind option

Taking a break from the grade inflation issue, the Committee on Examinations and Standing endorsed the introduction of the "P/D/F-rescind option" at a meeting Monday.However, even if the rescind option is approved at a faculty meeting this spring, the need to update computer programs could postpone its implementation for an uncertain period of time.The option would allow students to switch to a letter grade if they had already decided to take a class P/D/F.

NEWS | 02/25/1998

USG proposes less stringent fire safety inspections, codes

It's an all-too-familiar scenario to some students. Seconds after returning to your room from the shower, you hear a knock: "Fire inspectors." Without further delay, the inspectors make their entrance and proceed to go through the room as you stand watching, clad in nothing but a towel.The avoidance of this and other embarrassing situations is one of the goals of measures to reform fire and safety policy reform introduced by USG senator Carlos Lazatin '99.

NEWS | 02/25/1998

Women's lacrosse looks to rebound from subpar season

After failing to qualify for the NCAA tournament in 1997 for the first time in six years, women's lacrosse hopes to regain its status as one of the nation's elite teams.With an experienced corps of defenders and the return of star junior midfielder Cristi Samaras, the Tigers hope not only to cruise through the Ivy League, but also to gain another berth in the NCAA Final Four, an honor Princeton earned every year from 1992 to 1996.An exhibition contest last October against Team USA gave Princeton many reasons to believe it will achieve its goal of returning to the Final Four.

SPORTS | 02/25/1998


Brown, Columbia claim aid plan tips balance in athletic recruiting

Though new financial aid programs at Princeton and Yale universities will make it more affordable for students from lower and middle-class families to enroll, there is some concern that the programs may unfairly tip the balance on the playing field of Ivy League athletics.Athletics directors at other Ivy League schools said they are concerned that by offering more financial aid to a wider pool of students, Princeton and Yale may attract a greater number of potential athletes.They said they are worried that what the University's Board of Trustees referred to as "the most important changes in Princeton's financial aid policies in several decades" may fundamentally change Ivy League athletics. Changing the RulesColumbia University's Athletics Director John Reeves called it "the biggest change since the league's establishment in 1954."Joan Taylor, senior associate director of athletics at Brown University, voiced similar concerns.

NEWS | 02/25/1998

Men's lacrosse seeks third straight national championship

Last May 26, the men's lacrosse team routed Maryland, 19-7, in the NCAA championship final to successfully defend its national title and establish itself as the dominant team in collegiate men's lacrosse.This year, Princeton is looking to solidify its place as one of the best teams in lacrosse history."We try to set big goals around here," head coach Bill Tierney said.

SPORTS | 02/25/1998

M. hoops keyed by offensive versatility

With four of the five starters on the men's basketball team (23-1 overall, 11-0 Ivy League) shooting over 40 percent from behind the three-point arc, opponents could think that Princeton's coaches do an incredible job of teaching their players the art of shooting.But unlike most teams, Princeton players don't usually take many contested jumpshots.

SPORTS | 02/24/1998