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Neil Rolnick kicks off new media lecture series with talk on music

To most casual listeners, computer-generated music may not measure up to PST.To Neil Rolnick, however, using technology to compose music is just like "using any other kind of instrument."Rolnick, who is chair of the Arts Department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, spoke to an audience of about 30 yesterday on how he uses computers and other technology to compose music.His speech was the first in the "Series in New Media," a lecture series that will explore areas in which technology and arts interact, said professor of electrical engineering Wayne Wolf, who is sponsoring the talks.Rolnick spoke about several pieces that he composed using either computers or other technology.

NEWS | 03/23/1998

Men's tennis adjusting to outdoors

After five long months of winter, the men's tennis team emerged from its hibernation deep inside Jadwin Gym to once again return outdoors.Over spring break the Tigers travelled to someplace warm ? sunny California ? to escape the wintertime blues.The trip was not meant for relaxation.

SPORTS | 03/23/1998

Grad Student Suit

Former graduate student Jim Connell is suing the University for 60 counts ranging from personal injury to criminal negligence, citing several years of ignored complaints regarding his residential housing and laboratory conditions while studying neuropsychology, he said yesterday.Among other grievances, Connell accused the University of providing "living quarters which were dangerous, flooded and moldy," causing him to develop a dangerous lung condition called aspergillosis, according to the complaint he filed last year.

NEWS | 03/23/1998


Webcast discusses financial aid

The University's new financial aid program was the subject of a Webcast discussion among Director of Financial Aid Don Betterton and members of the University community.The online presentation outlined the reasons for the new policy which will provide to students from lowerand middle-income families, and explained how financial aid packages will be composed with hypothetical case studies.During the discussion, which was broadcast March 11, participants posed questions about the University's financial aid policies that were answered online by Betterton.

NEWS | 03/22/1998

WCBS's premature ode to nudity

It's a Princeton tradition, first snowfall of the year. Sophomores run nude 'round Holder Courtyard without fear. Of cold, or frostbite, or even expulsion Reaction from the college: utter revulsion But they say they can't fight it, so don't even try Sending security and medics to watch naked runners fly. But this year El Niño was spoiling their fun. Keeping snow from falling and delaying the run. Before today students thought they'd not get their chance. To go springing and dancing without any pants. But looks like the kiddies won't be disappointed. And in a sophomoric traditon, they'll all be anointed. So if you're disgusted by watching such a display, keep clear of Princeton.

NEWS | 03/22/1998

Miracle on Ice, Part II

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. ? A season of disappointment, a tournament of impossibility, but in the end, a celebration of the unbelievable ? a championship.In the arena where 18 years ago another underdog hockey team leaped into the national spotlight by winning a game in which no one gave them a chance, the men's hockey team (18-10-7 overall, 7-9-6 Eastern College Athletic Conference) defeated Clarkson (23-8-3, 16-4-2), 5-4, in double overtime to capture the ECAC tournament and earning Princeton an automatic bid to its first-ever NCAA tournament.Just 42 seconds into the second overtime, junior forward Syl Apps scooped up a loose puck in front of the Princeton bench and went on a solo breakaway down the ice with two Golden Knight defenders in pursuit. Game-winnerFrom the left side of the net, Apps flipped a shot over Clarkson goalie Dan Murphy's left shoulder.

SPORTS | 03/22/1998

Women's hockey toppled by UNH in ECAC semifinals

The glass slipper just didn't fit, as the women's hockey team was unable to pull a second straight upset in its would-be Cin-derella run through the Eastern College Athletic Conference championships.After downing second-seeded Northeastern, 3-2, March 7, the seventh-seeded Tigers (12-16-2 overall, 8-13-1 ECAC) were unable to knock off top-ranked New Hampshire, March 14, falling to the Wildcats, 7-2, in Boston.This time, Princeton was overwhelmed by a very good UNH (29-4-3, 18-1-3) team.

SPORTS | 03/22/1998

Letters to the Editor

On revitalization of school spiritThree years ago if you had told me I would be arriving at Princeton basketball games an hour early just to get a seat, I would have said, "No way." Well, I did.

OPINION | 03/22/1998