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Sports Profiles

Offense sparks softball as Tigers meet Temple to prepare for Ivies

Good hitting breeds good hitting. If softball's last few games are any indication, the Tigers' hitting should continue to improve.Tuesday the Tigers (6-6) slaughtered Drexel at 1895 Field, 9-1 and 10-4, with a display of the hitting power that Princeton hopes to exhibit again this weekend when it faces head coach Cindy Cohen's alma mater, Temple, in Philadelphia.Freshman catcher Devon Keefe will be looked upon to repeat her impressive performance against Drexel, when she went 5for 6 with six RBI and three runs scored in the first game and launched herself into the team lead in hitting with a .368 average.

SPORTS | 04/02/1998

Letters to the Editor

On dorm-construction dilemmaWhile we all were disappointed with the recent construction developments with Scully Hall as disclosed in the April 1 Daily Princetonian, I think we should attempt to put these events in some perspective.First, I think we would all agree that the administration's recent record of construction management has been exemplary over a broad range of projects.

OPINION | 04/02/1998

Questionnaires play key role in freshmen housing decisions

For those of you who have wondered where your initial room preference forms went, read on.Did anyone ever read your carefully planned answers, or were you instead tossed together with three incompatible people?While no one will call freshmanyear assignments an exact science, those involved do pride themselves on their work."Many people thank me for the lifelong friends they've made (from their freshman-year roommates)," said Linda Mahler, Butler College Administrator.However, there is also another side that is not so rosy.

NEWS | 04/02/1998


Baseball opens defense of Gehrig Division title with home twinbills

The baseball team is not one for pacing itself. Instead of easing into their Ivy League schedule, the Tigers kick it off with a bang with back-to-back doubleheaders this weekend against the league's two best teams.Saturday, the team faces Harvard, which has won the Ivy League the past two seasons and beat Princeton in last meeting of the two teams ? the Ivy Championship last spring.

SPORTS | 04/02/1998

Lesson from the Oscars on thesis acknowledgements

Now that my dear colleague Hilary Smith has exploded the myth of the senior thesis like "Jiffy Pop," I thought that I would stop "kvetching" about the actual text of the tome and skip right to the acknowledgments page ? which, as of the day before my thesis, was still not done.After sitting in front of a half done thesis, pounding out lines on a caffeine high, I took a moment of solace to walk down by the golf course, contemplated the meaning of life, then figured it was all bullshit ? and I went in to watch the Oscars.

OPINION | 04/01/1998

Time for a dip into the University's money pot

In case you haven't noticed, Princeton is rich. Each of us pays nearly $32,000 a year to attend the University, which is nothing compared to the $25 million being spent on a new student center, which is nothing compared to the $750 million being raised by the "With One Accord" anniversary campaign, which is nothing compared to Princeton's endowment of over $4 billion.I don't know about you, but I cannot even fathom such great sums of money.

OPINION | 04/01/1998

Snowless winter frees resources, allows for building improvements

While many sophomores must resign themselves to the cold reality of an indefinitely postponed Nude Olympics, at least the Department of Grounds and Building Maintenance officials can enjoy a sizeable budget surplus thanks to this winter's warm weather.According to Grounds and Building Maintenance Grounds Manager James Consolloy, maintenance personnel typically spends much of the winter season plowing snow and repairing damage caused to University facilities by cold weather.Consolloy explained that a normal amount of snow during the course of a winter costs the University approximately $180,000.

NEWS | 04/01/1998

Mags seduce modern male

Until now, there has been good reason that women's magazines outnumber men's magazines. With the advent of Maxim: for Men, the self-proclaimed "best thing to happen to men since women," this may change.Regardless of our intellectual prowess, we don't look to gender-specific magazines for articles on international affairs or interminable book reviews.

NEWS | 04/01/1998


Since we've been roasting in un-airconditioned dorm rooms and classes, our daydreaming has turned toward all things icy cold as we fiddle with our Vornado fans.

NEWS | 04/01/1998

Men's tennis crushes Temple indoors

It's all about doubles.Winning doubles matches is the key to winning matches, that is.Yesterday afternoon, well below ground on Jadwin's E floor, the men's tennis team beat the visiting Temple Owls, 6-1, to put Princeton at .500 with an overall record of 6-6.The last time these two teams faced each other, the Tigers scraped by with a 4-3 win.

SPORTS | 04/01/1998