Tuesday, January 26

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Sports Profiles

Modest about abilities, Hazen places team glory ahead of personal honors

In his final season for the Tigers, and in possibly his final year playing baseball, senior Michael Hazen looks back among his many baseball memories, and without hesitation recalls his greatest moment ? winning the Ivy League championship at Clarke Field two years ago."I don't have any stories of winning a game in the ninth inning with a home run or anything," Hazen says.

SPORTS | 03/11/1998


University mascot

If Princeton fans in the Hartford Civic Center think they smell a waft of mothballs tonight amidst the pleasant odors of popcorn and hot dogs, they are probably not mistaken.

OPINION | 03/11/1998

Life lesson from Miss Zhang

It's March, and like many seniors, I'm wondering what on earth I'll be doing next year. For those of us who have spent four years parrying questions like "What do you plan to do with a degree in X?", admitting that we still don't know what we'll do when we grow up has become acutely embarrassing.

OPINION | 03/11/1998

Lottery offers last chance for tickets

For 14 students, obtaining a ticket yesterday to the first-round NCAA tournament game between Princeton and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas was as simple as typing "Bill Bradley, 58 points, Wichita State, 1965" and paying $30.The USG sponsored a lottery for tonight's game by posting a basketball-related trivia question on the Web.

NEWS | 03/11/1998

Timely hitting keys softball to two one-run wins at Mayland tourney

When the softball team traveled to College Park, Md., last weekend to play both Maryland and Mary-land-Baltimore County, it didn't expect to have much of a home-field advantage.But after coin tosses determined that Princeton would play as the home team in both games, the Tigers capitalized on the technical home-field advantage by using their final at-bats to defeat both Maryland squads.The Terrapins (9-4 overall) and Princeton (2-0) battled for eight innings, before back-to-back run-scoring doubles by sophomore second baseman Kamilah Briscoe and senior center fielder Bevin Keenen gave the Tigers an encouraging 3-2 come-from-behind win.Princeton was forced into a must-score situation after Maryland scored a two-out run in the top of the eighth.

SPORTS | 03/10/1998

Class of 1998 votes to nominate three seniors for trustee position

The final election for the University's young alumni trustee is one step closer after a primary election narrowed the candidates to Jon Hess '98, Colleen Shanahan '98 and Jeff Siegel '98.Near the end of January, the Alumni Council sent a letter to all seniors requesting anyone interested in becoming a young alumni trustee to come to an informational meeting Feb.

NEWS | 03/10/1998

Railing rationality

It has been a wild ride lately for local skateboarders. First, with the installation of the Blair Arch railings, they enjoyed the thrills of a veritable amusement park ride.

OPINION | 03/10/1998

Peyton Hall observatory to host open houses for students, public

Though most students have their heads buried in books studying for midterms, this particular exam week affords them an opportunity to look to the stars.Tonight, provided the sky is clear, the observatory at Peyton Hall will host the first in a series of informal open houses.They will be open to the general public, said Dave Goldberg GS, who coordinates the observatory sessions.

NEWS | 03/10/1998