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Room for improvement in race relations at Princeton

Many of the debates that currently have the University's attention ? from the determination of the proper roles of the Frist Campus Center and the eating clubs to the Wythes proposal to expand class size ? are rooted in an important issue that is seldom discussed with candor at Princeton: race relations.While plays, discussions and workshops on diversity are a staple of freshman orientation here, once students congeal into closely-knit social groups, most forms of cross-cultural and multiethnic discourse are thrown aside as quickly as those smelly OA hiking boots.

OPINION | 02/27/2000


Words of Wythes-dom: The man behind the report

For the first time since his committee released its report, Paul Wythes '55 spent the weekend visiting the campus he believes should house 500 more students.He met with some of the University's leaders, including members of the Alumni Council Executive Committee, the Governing Board of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni and the USG.Before returning home yesterday morning, Wythes ? who is a founding general partner of Sutter Hill Ventures, a venture-capital firm in Palo Alto, Calif.

NEWS | 02/27/2000

The Year at a Glance

The public smoking ban recently proposed by the Princeton Regional Health Commission will extend to the Prospect Avenue eating clubs, according to Bill Hinschillwood, the commission's health officer."I don't know all the details of what the setups are at the eating clubs, but I would assume the dining rooms would be considered a public place," he said.

NEWS | 02/25/2000