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AAS at a crossroads

Yale University's decision last month to upgrade its African-American studies program to a department will not put pressure on Princeton to take similar action, according to Provost Jeremiah Ostriker.But Nell Painter, chair of Princeton's AAS program, said she continues to favor the creation of such a department, and noted that she is "exasperated" and "exhausted" as a result of her efforts to convince the University to make the switch.Ostriker said he had formed a committee consisting of several professors ? including Toni Morrison and Painter ? to recruit specialists in African-American studies prior to Yale's decision. 'Build it up'"We looked at this a while ago," he said of the prospect of upgrading Princeton's AAS program.

NEWS | 03/08/2000

Letters to the Editor

Public Safety regrets wording of flyerI appreciate that the incident reported in the March 6 issue of the 'Prince' has raised concerns about the treatment of African-American students by Public Safety.

OPINION | 03/07/2000

Eyeing the grad school as site for a sixth college

If the University approves the Wythes committee's proposal to create a sixth residential college, future undergraduates may be calling the current location of the Graduate College home.The Graduate College is one of several possibilities the University has named as feasible locations for a sixth residential college to accommodate the Wythes committee's proposed 10-percent increase in the size of the undergraduate student body.Other possible locations for the sixth residential college include the "shallow ellipse" near Scully Hall, the space south of Dillon Gym and the area north of Forbes College, according to Amy Floresta, project manager at KieranTimberlake Associates, the architecture firm charged with planning for the new residential college.According to University physical planning director Jon Hlafter '61, the Graduate College is "a ready-made [residential] college," and would be relatively easy and efficient to convert into undergraduate housing.President Shapiro called the option of converting the facility into a residential college "a wild possibility," but also said the administration will "look at all possibilities, including the grad college."Vice President for Finance and Administration Richard Spies '72 agreed that University officials were considering the Graduate College as a potential site for the residential college."The fact that it is already built in the form of a residential college makes it very appealing," he said.

NEWS | 03/07/2000


Borough may face lawsuit over proposed ban on public smoking

Princeton Borough could face a lawsuit if a proposed ban on smoking in public places is passed by the Princeton Regional Health Commission later this month, according to Borough attorney Michael Herbert.Herbert said if the health commission decides to accept the ordinance ? which would ban smoking not only in restaurants, bars and areas within 15 feet of public buildings but also in many private buildings ? the Borough could be sued for injunctive relief.Injunctive relief would exempt those filing suit from following the smoking ordinance."The firm [filing the suit] is arguing that the health commission is not an authority as a municipal governing body," Herbert said.Herbert ? whose firm has represented the Borough since 1987 ? declined to disclose the name of the law firm or the names of the parties that may file the suit.According to Herbert, this is not the first time the health commission has been confronted with legal charges.

NEWS | 03/07/2000

Bernd finishes fifth in 149-lb. class at EIWAs for wrestling

Tournaments always provide the opportunity for underdog sports teams to shock the world. For the wrestling team, its opportunity to play Cinderella was this weekend at the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association Championships in Annapolis, Md.Unfortunately for Princeton, however, the glass slipper did not quite fit.The Tigers ? despite a strong individual performance from junior Jeff Bernd in the 149 lb.

SPORTS | 03/07/2000

Seeking Green Party presidential nomination, Nader '55 returns to old stomping ground with harsh words for corporate America

Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader '55, who is seeking the Green Party nomination, condemned the growth of corporate influence in America yesterday, addressing a near-capacity crowd in McCosh 50.In a brief pre-speech question and answer session, Nader said the dominance of corporate power in America could potentially motivate voters to support a third party, as slavery did for the Republican party in the 19th century."The issue is corporate power.

NEWS | 03/07/2000

Field hockey team scores points off the field

Decked out in work clothes and gloves, with sweatshirts to combat the early morning chill, University women's field hockey players have on the past two Saturdays assumed their positions on a barren lot in Trenton with a somewhat different-than-usual goal in mind: to help build a house.The ongoing project to construct four townhouses from scratch is sponsored by the Trenton-area chapter of Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization that provides low-income families with affordable, new housing.For the field hockey team, now in its off-season, the day-long community construction effort served not only as a chance to build homes for hardworking, needy families, but also as a time to build team spirit and strengthen team dynamics, according to team co-captain Bridget Marchesi '01.Jill Venema '01, Habitat for Humanity coordinator for the Student Volunteers Council, explained that group community projects do not always fall easily into place.

NEWS | 03/07/2000