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Students rally against inequality

Spurred by the recent acquittal of four New York policemen responsible for the death of Amadou Diallo, students assembled in Firestone Plaza yesterday afternoon and addressed issues of inequality and prejudice on campus.Attracting a crowd that ranged from 25 to 50 during a several-hour period, speakers at the rally called for renewed efforts to help members of the University community transcend racial boundaries and to advocate equitable treatment of minority groups.Participants said they were frustrated with the apathetic approach their classmates and the administration take toward racial inequality at the University.

NEWS | 03/09/2000

Small leads Tigers from behind plate

It's a choice more and more high school seniors are having to make. Go to school and get an education, or chase down your dreams of playing professionally.For senior catcher Buster Small, the opportunity to play professional baseball had presented itself, and the temptation was strong."Like every kid, I wanted to be a major leaguer," Small says.

SPORTS | 03/09/2000


Harris '95: In the service of all nations

Though Rashaan Harris '95 was exposed to a wide range of scholastic knowledge ? from textbooks to professors ? during his four years at Princeton, he still sought other answers he knew he would have to pursue on his own.But he never thought he would find them in South America.Harris served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uruguay from 1995 to 1997.

NEWS | 03/08/2000

Bradley '65 likely to end candidacy today

Bill Bradley '65's campaign announced yesterday that the candidate will hold a press conference this morning to "discuss the future of his presidential campaign," prompting experts to conclude that the candidate is set to declare his withdrawal from the race.Bradley's dismal finish in Super Tuesday's primaries ? after defeats in Iowa, New Hampshire and Washington ? virtually guaranteed the candidate's imminent withdrawal.

NEWS | 03/08/2000

'Bad Boy Nietzsche' presents absurdist vision of famed philosopher

When Richard Foreman began writing, directing and designing plays, some audiences were so turned off that a sign was placed in the theater which read, "If you have to leave during the performance, please leave quietly.""Bad Boy Nietzsche" is Forman's 47th production, running until April 30 at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, the company that Foreman founded.

NEWS | 03/08/2000

Young stars heat up 'Boiler Room,' a cautionary tale for college students

An inside look at the high-stakes world of day-trading, Ben Younger's directorial debut "Boiler Room" depicts a mentality that will seem familiar to Princeton students: the monomaniacal desire to make a million dollars."Boiler Room" is at its best introducing protagonist Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi) ? a college dropout running a profitable backdoor casino ? to the cutthroat, amoral life of the trading floor.

NEWS | 03/08/2000

Rooted in history, and leaving a legacy

The historic Mercer Oak in Princeton Battlefield Park succumbed to strong winds Friday ? collapsing more than 200 years after the Revolutionary War general for whom it was named.Though it has lived more than 250 years, the tree survived only a few days after the death of Richard Baker, who dedicated nearly 25 years of his life to preserving the mighty white oak and other landmarks at the Princeton battlefield."He was a great historian.

NEWS | 03/08/2000

U-Council debates problems of potential student body increase

At yesterday's U-Council meeting, administrators ? led by Provost Jeremiah Ostriker ? addressed a variety of issues raised by the Wythes committee's recommendation to increase the size of the student body by 500.The primary concern raised by U-Council members was that the student increase would limit professors' ability to give students individual attention.

NEWS | 03/08/2000

Softball looks to sustain momentum during Spring Break trip to Florida

This year, before deciding on the schedule for the 1999-2000 campaign, head coach Cindy Cohen presented her softball team with a choice.Coming off a year in which the Tigers never recovered from early season losses, Cohen wondered whether the team would benefit from playing easier competition during Spring Break, and thereby boosting its confidence for the rest of the season.

SPORTS | 03/08/2000