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Media qualmsWhile 7000 fans watched the Tigers take on the Pennsylvania Quakers at Jadwin Gym, I had to depend on Dan O'Brien and the guy from the Tiger Sports-line for the score and highlights from the game.

OPINION | 02/17/1998

Abel Bagel returns to original spot, decreases capacity, business hours

Within the week, students will have to head to a slightly different location to enjoy their Abel bagels.The bagel bakery is moving one store over in the Witherspoon Street building where it currently resides, according to owner Alfie Kahn.Having served the Princeton area for 14 years, the bagel shop will reoccupy its smaller, original location, Kahn said.

NEWS | 02/17/1998

Student committee to evaluate academic performance

The USG Senate officially endorsed the creation of the student-run Committee on Examinations and Standing, one that parallels the faculty version of the same committee.The faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing is the only committee that does not include student participation, mainly because the "vast majority (of work) involves looking at student academic records," Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel said.The primary goal of the student committee will be to include students in general academic discussions that the faculty committee may have, USG academics chair Todd Rich '00 said.The two committees will have to meet at least once every year, according to "Rules and Procedures of the Faculty of Princeton University.""Whenever the Undergraduate Student Government shall establish a committee parallel to a Faculty committee, the parallel committees shall at least once a year meet in joint session," the bylaw reads.In forming the committee, the USG wanted to "ensure that students will be able to meet along with the faculty members and ensure that a student voice is heard in all substantive discussion," Rich said. 'Substantive issues'USG members agree that students should not review student records or violate the privacy of other students, Rich said.

NEWS | 02/17/1998


USG, faculty react to grade inflation

In the week since a faculty committee issued a report both documenting and criticizing a meteoric rise in grade inflation over the last two dozen years, reactions have run the gamut.With the USG lining up on one side as stalwart defenders of a trend towards higher grades, and the report's authors ? the Faculty Committee on Examinations and Standing ? lining up on the other as critics of grading standards gone awry, the lines have been drawn for a wide-ranging discussion about what the importance of grades.And everyone has an opinion.The USG's responded to the committee's findings in a memo issued yesterday."Apart from the desire to differentiate artificially between Princeton students, the report offers no compelling reason to explain why grades need to be re-centered," wrote USG president David Ascher '99 and academics chair Todd Rich '00.

NEWS | 02/17/1998

Augustine '57 envisions new policy dependent on military technology

America must strike a foreign policy balance between isolationism and activism by using its technological prowess, Norman Augustine '57 GS '59 told students and faculty last night at Dodds Auditorium."We need to find out how to avoid becoming '911 America,' and also not standing by while friends suffer," said Augustine, the former CEO of Lockheed-Martin.Augustine suggested that America must continue its investment in technological military innovations, but not ignore the importance of its troops."The technological contribution is significant, but only one ingredient," said Augustine, who is currently a professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. Longterm developmentThroughout his speech, Augustine continued to stress the need for America to invest in the longterm development of new technologies.

NEWS | 02/17/1998

Princeton: Expect to be challenged for league lead by healthy Quakers

An open letter to the students of Princeton University:A year ago we published an article in your paper filled with insults and personal attacks against your student body because we knew our team was a year away from being ready to compete with your team.One year later, the Quakers are ready to resume the premier rivalry in all of Ivy League sports.Meanwhile, your pathetic writer is too busy thinking of cliched and tired insults ? his garbage is on this page somewhere.In fact, he highlights exactly why Princeton will not run over Penn tonight as it has every other Ivy opponent.Princeton, and its basketball team, is too interested in its image.Meanwhile, the 1997-98 Quakers are gritty survivors.That Penn even has the chance to tie for the Ivy League lead tonight is a testament to its perseverance through injury and setback.Sophomore Geoff Owens, who was forced to sit out the season after being diagnosed with hypertension, was just the first and most prominent Quaker player to be confined to the pine.

SPORTS | 02/16/1998

Regulations hinder new hoagie agency

It is common knowledge that starting your own business can be a difficult task. It can be even harder if the organization you are starting is another campus food delivery service.The Hoagie Haven Delivery Agency, created by Tom Johnson '00 and Josh Greenhill '00, has run into more than a few problems with the University's regulations regarding student-operated businesses and it only began business last night."The Student Agencies office hasn't been very helpful," said Dan Lips '00, an employee of the organization.

NEWS | 02/16/1998