Thursday, February 25

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Legislature awards bank heist 'heroes'

TRENTON ? The New Jersey General Assembly honored the heroes of last November's Sovereign Bank robbery in a ceremony on the floor of Assembly Chambers yesterday, during the state legislature's first voting session of the year.Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Princeton) and Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman (D-Ewing) presented a ceremonial resolution to 91-year-old Lucius Wilmerding '27 "for his heroism and bravery" during the holdup.Wilmerding, a former constitutional scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study, was driving to a party with a family friend when alleged bank robber Sandy Casiano hijacked his Ford Taurus."He was trying to make me go faster.

NEWS | 02/19/1998


Companies use aggressive tactics to bolster employee recruitment

Capping off a vigorous college recruiting season that has included ski trips to Utah and dinners at Lahiere's, consulting and investment banking firms find themselves brokering some of their most competitive recruiting deals ever, offering graduating seniors an unusually high average of $40,000 to $45,000 salaries and luring them in with gifts like Cheerios basketballs and "Lost World" water bottles.Recruiting tactics have changed since last year when Charles Valentine '97 was applying for jobs.

NEWS | 02/18/1998

Freshmen attempt to revitalize campus NAACP chapter

College activism is not dead.In contrast to recent criticism that the era of social movements has come and gone, students began to reinitiate Princeton's chapter of the NAACP during a Tuesday meeting in the Third World Center.In an effort to "energize the campus with new activism," University chapter president Misha Charles '01 and secretary Martha Pitts '01 said they are seeking to reestablish an active National Association for the Advancement of Colored People membership at the University.

NEWS | 02/18/1998

Letters to the Editor

'Misstatement'I have appreciated your thoughtful coverage of the grading issue, but I do want to set the record straight on an important misstatement of fact in your story on Feb.

OPINION | 02/18/1998

Decisions come at early age in Canadian hockey system

There's a lot of confusion among Americans about our northerly neighbors. Yes, Can-adians may sound a bit funny to American ears and say "eh" too much for our tastes, but one thing most Americans are sure of is that Canadians love hockey.With a dizzying array of leagues and massive participation at all levels, Canada's most popular sport has a following that astonishes most American observers.

SPORTS | 02/18/1998

Memorial committee honors Ambroziak design

Princeton students leave their mark in many places besides the University. Brian Ambroziak, a graduate student in architecture, was selected as a finalist to design a monument in the nation's capital.Two summers ago, Ambroziak vied with more than 500 other designers for the chance to fill what he called "one of the most important sites left in Washington that hasn't been fully developed."The competition to design a commemorative monument for the nation's World War II effort was open to all United States citizens, professionals, student designers and others. 500 entriesSix finalists were selected from 500 original entries, and Ambroziak was the only student among these final competitors.Each finalist then chose a team of about 30 other designers or consultants to help refine the original submission.

NEWS | 02/18/1998

Universities denounce purchase of term papers from online sites

The Internet may bring new dimensions to education, but some universities are concerned that students will use the Web to cheat.Boston University recently filed a lawsuit against eight online term paper companies in response to reports that their students are purchasing independent work via the Internet.Term paper agency advertisements appear in publications such as Playboy and Rolling Stone and can be accessed from sites like Term Paper Warehouse and Term Papers 911.

NEWS | 02/18/1998