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USG reactivates NAACP chapter, proposes spring election change

The USG Senate voted Sunday night to "reactivate" the University's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons as well as to recognize three new student groups."The NAACP is one of the nation's oldest and most influential civil rights organizations," USG vice president Spencer Merriweather '00 said.The University's chapter of the organization has been defunct for "about a year," since its former officers graduated, Merriweather explained."(The NAACP) is already recognized (by the USG); we're just reactivating the group," he said.According to the group's proposal, it will "sponsor forums to discuss difficult and controversial issues," as well as create programs to promote the interest and welfare of black students at the University.According to the report, the main focus will be on "reigniting the activism which evoked the 'progress' we see today." Other groupsThe NAACP was one of four proposed student groups recommended for approval by the Student Group Recognition Committee.

NEWS | 03/09/1998


FBI continues search for hacker involved in national cyber attack

Over a week after the cyber attack that caused computers to crash at universities and military installations across the country, the search to find the responsible party continues.The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Microsoft Corporation have coordinated server dumps at the affected Universities in an effort to ascertain the exact type and origin of the attack, said Lee Varian, CIT Director of Systems and Networking.The University has also been taking specific actions to prevent this sort of attack from happening again, both by blocking the IP address from where the attack originated and by encouraging students to acquire the available software "patches" from Microsoft's home page, Varian said.CIT Senior Technical Staff Member Peter Olenick said despite encouragement from the University, individuals are still responsible for their own work stations."We don't have that much control over private workstations.

NEWS | 03/09/1998

REP to continue programs on sex, alcohol education

Continuing in the tradition of "Sex on a Saturday Night," the University's Residential Education Program now organizes events for freshmen and other members of the residential colleges throughout the year.Until now, the end of freshman week signaled the end of such events.The REP Committee decided this year, however, that "one of the major challenges for the REP was to spread things out so that everything wasn't at the beginning of the year," said committee co-chair Carol Porter, Director of Studies in Rockefeller College.One of those activities was the show Sunday night. The Naked TruthDirected by Jen Buchanan '98, "The Naked Truth: Beer, Bodies, and the Nude Olympics" addressed a number of campus social issues.

NEWS | 03/09/1998

Non-student NCAA tickets to go to alumni, season ticket holders

For two days, the residents of Carmodyville braved the elements to ensure they would get the coveted 100 NCAA basketball tickets allotted for students by the University.However, these students will not be the only members of the Princeton community attending this week's games in Hartford, as 250 other people will also receive tickets from the University ? without waiting in line all weekend.The marching band will receive 30 tickets, and basketball team members will receive about four tickets each, for a team total of 60, according to Inga Radice, senior associate director of athletics.The distribution of the remaining 160 tickets is "all still in flux," Radice said, with more than 300 people vying for the opportunity to see the games.

NEWS | 03/09/1998

U-Council presents budget for new community center

More than a year after Professor Burton Malkiel's Charter Day announcement of the construction of a new community service center, President Shapiro announced yesterday that the University has obtained more than half of the funds needed for such a center.At yesterday's U-Council meeting, Shapiro said the physical and operational budgets of the community service center would total between $7 million and $8 million.

NEWS | 03/09/1998

Father maintains Brasno's innocence

The father of Jason Brasno '98 said yesterday that his son is innocent of the charges levelled against him in connection with a firecracker that went off in a packed Palestra at the University of Pennsylvania last week."All I know is, he didn't do it," said Andy Brasno of his son, who is charged with a total of three felonies and two misdemeanors.The elder Brasno did say, however, that a Princeton undergraduate had thrown the firecracker.

NEWS | 03/09/1998

Ticket-seekers build 'Carmodyville'

The sign hanging from Jadwin Gym spoke for all those camped out below it: "Carmodyville ? Population 100."Beneath the sign, a colony of alternately haggard and ebullient students gathered with a singular purpose: to follow coach Bill Carmody and his Tigers basketball team wherever the NCAA tournament committee would send them, be it Washington or Sacramento, Hartford or Boise.With only 100 student tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis, the line began to form at 6:30 p.m.

NEWS | 03/08/1998

Men's basketball fifth seed in East, to open with Runnin' Rebels

Just after 6:30 p.m. yesterday, the men's basketball team got the news it had been waiting for. Princeton will take on the University of Nevada-Las Vegas Thursday in Hartford, Conn., in the first round of the NCAA tournament.The Tigers (26-1 overall, 14-0 Ivy League) were rewarded for their dominating season with the fifth seed in the East regional.

SPORTS | 03/08/1998