Saturday, November 28

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PriCom proposes larger aid awards

The Priorities Committee's proposal to increase University financial aid by $6 million over the next four years ? and the method by which it will be awarded ? would alter University practices and may change national higher-education procedure.The annual operating budget recommendations made by Provost Jeremiah Ostriker and PriCom to President Shapiro and the Board of Trustees at last Wednesday's U-Council meeting would change the structure of the financial-aid process in three significant ways.The plan would drastically decrease the weight placed on home equity in financial aid awards, package loans as grants to international students and may allow lower-income international students to attend the University.Proposed increases in financial aid will not extend to current students.

NEWS | 01/18/1998

Coach to lead Chicago MLS club

Bob Bradley '80 always used to tell his Princeton players that it wasn't so important how a team looked at the beginning of the season so long as they were working to become a good team at the end of the year.This week Bradley will again have the opportunity to emphasize that philosophy to a group of players gathered together for the first time when he begins his journey as head coach of the Major League Soccer's newly formed Chicago Fire.Bradley, who stepped down two years ago as the Tigers' head coach to become an assistant with D.C.

SPORTS | 01/18/1998


Police blame theft of WPRB CDs on former disc jockey

A 17-year-old former WPRB disc jockey has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing hundreds of compact discs from the radio station after selling some of them to a local record store, WPRB officials said yesterday.Princeton Borough Police believe that a total of 240 CDs, with a value close to $2,000, were taken during Winter Recess from the station's music office in Holder Hall.

NEWS | 01/18/1998

Jennings to delay Olympics if snow does not stick today

When the most substantial snow the campus has seen in 1998 began falling yesterday, Class of 2000 president Jen Jennings received numerous e-mails and calls from anxious sophomores wanting to know if the time had finally arrived for this year's Nude Olympics.A combination of dropping temperatures and steadily falling snow initially suggested that students might be frolicking in the flurries by midnight.

NEWS | 01/18/1998

Our final issue: Stepping aside

The 1998 Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian steps down with this issue. As we scurry to our carrels to begin writing our theses, we reflect on our time at Princeton and at the 'Prince' with fond memories.We are not ignorant or pompous enough to believe that the 'Prince' is always essential campus reading.

OPINION | 01/18/1998

Earl nominated for award

Junior guard Brian Earl was one of 30 players recently nominated for the John R. Wooden award. The Wooden award is given annually to the top player in men's college basketball.Other players nominated for the award included North Carolina's Antawn Jamison, who Princeton held to six points in the No.

SPORTS | 01/08/1998

Marrow's status forces Penn to forfeit five wins

When the football team met Penn on Nov. 8, it was the participation of Penn's All-Ivy defensive tackle Mitch Marrow (six tackles, three sacks, one forced fumble) that almost single-handedly secured the Quakers' 20-17 victory.Little did anyone know at the time that Marrow's participation would eventually turn that Quaker win and four others into losses.A Penn academic panel ruled last week that the 22-year-old Marrow, a 6-foot-5, 285-pound fifth-year senior with NFL aspirations, became a part-time student and ineligible under NCAA regulations after dropping one of his three courses Sept.

SPORTS | 01/08/1998

Two new stores may occupy Woolworth's space

Better label those parkas: the prospect of even more North Face jackets on campus just got bigger.Within the next thirty days, Princeton Borough's Historic Pres-ervation Committee will review the final application filed by Woolworth's parent company to bring a Colorado store and a Foot Locker to the former site of the discount chain store, Zoning Officer Frank Slimak said.Woolworth and Company Inc. owns Colorado ? an outdoor clothing chain ? and Foot Locker.Last month, Jeff Clark, an architect with WJCA Inc., submitted a "preliminary application" for review, proposing changes in the facade of 116 Nassau St.

NEWS | 01/08/1998