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Letter to the Editor

The Daily Princetonian

Women's leadership at Princeton: How women get to lead

Over the last three years, there has been a surprising new trend across student groups: back-to-back women leaders of student groups including the Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Whig-Clio, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Princetonian, and Business Today. Contrary to what we might expect from a place like Princeton, many of these organizations have not had women leaders for years.

OPINION | 06/01/2017

The Daily Princetonian

It’s not crying wolf: Holding the U. accountable for the Cinco de Mayo party

As the current PLA co-President, I was personally hurt to see a fellow PLA member target our response in such a negative manner. This is because the opinion piece by Uri Schwartz ’20, a Mexican-American student who is part of the University’s Latinx community, is relevant in this situation. However, Schwartz’s op-ed also proves to be extremely flawed.

OPINION | 06/01/2017

The Daily Princetonian


Whether it be looking for a hidden gargoyle or $10-million energy efficiency upgrade, be a noticer. Keep your eyes open and look around, because you never know what you will find.

OPINION | 06/01/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: In response to “The conservative persecution complex”

The article “The conservative persecution complex” by columnist Bhaamati Borkhetaria ’19 questions whether conservatives are being oppressed. In the first few paragraphs, she does an excellent job in setting up the conflict in question: Many conservatives do feel hesitant to share their opinions when there is convincing evidence that right-leaning policies are harmful to minorities and foster power structures favorable to rich white males.

OPINION | 05/04/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: The University's majors need expansion

Sophomores, take note: The options that were offered to you this spring are not nearly as comprehensive as those offered at other Ivy League and top universities. If we hope to live up to our reputation and values as a liberal arts university, this must change. The University’s system of majors is extremely narrow compared to its peers. Princeton offers 37 academic concentrations. Harvard offers 49; Stanford, 65; Yale, 75; Columbia, 80; Brown, 79; Cornell, 80; Dartmouth, 63; and the University of Pennsylvania, 64. 

OPINION | 05/03/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Martin Shkreli's response to "Disinvite Shkreli (again)"

It was with great interest that I read the “Disinvite Shkreli (again)” column by Crystal Liu ’19 in The Daily Princetonian. Unfortunately, Liu’s uncareful analysis misses the mark. While Liu may feel I am “disgraced” and “vitriolic,” in a brazen display of intellectual dishonesty she fails to mention my distinction as one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the world.

OPINION | 04/30/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Workers’ message to students

As campus dining staff, we work hard every day to make students feel at home away from their homes. We take a lot of pride in our work and enjoy our jobs in many ways. University students are generally polite, interesting to talk to, and a pleasure to serve. We know that they are under a lot of stress as they study for exams and write papers, and we’re glad to be able to brighten their day with broad smiles and tasty, nourishing meals. We are proud to support University students both physically and emotionally. However, we don’t always feel respected by the University itself.

OPINION | 04/26/2017

The Daily Princetonian

Letter to the Editor: Responding to the Graduate School fact sheet

The economist Albert O. Hirschman once wrote that there are three sorts of arguments used to “debunk and overturn ‘progressive’ policies and movements of ideas.” This response will argue that the progressive action will produce the exact opposite of that objective; that the effort to change something won’t make a difference at all; or that the effort will put in danger good things that already are in place. 

OPINION | 04/18/2017