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Backspace love

You, the reader, will never see the litany of corrections that went into this article before it made its way to publication, because it was composed entirely upon a computer screen — I say “composed” instead of “written” because there is an important distinction to be made between “writing” and “typing.” Almost all essays and papers college students submit are now started and finished digitally — in many cases, one submits the paper by email and receives an electronically submitted grade in return, an exchange that occurs completely within the virtual realm.

OPINION | 02/06/2014

The Daily Princetonian

On skimming

In her October 9 column “Skip the skimming,” Prianka Misra wrote about the increasingly prevalent phenomenon in humanities classes at Princeton to assign reading that far exceeds what is humanly possible for a student to complete.

OPINION | 02/04/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Putting the “propaganda” in context

In an interview last May, former University President Shirley Tilghman told me she doesn’t believe everything the University says about itself.“If you start believing all your propaganda and believing that we’re perfect, you will fail as the president,” she said.Everything we do at The Daily Princetonian is guided by the belief that the truth shouldn’t be the exclusive possession of the people who "need" to know it in order to make policy and advance their interests.We all deserve an objective account of the University’s successes and shortcomings so that we are better placed to perpetuate the good and reform the imperfect.And yet I can’t count the number of times during my year as Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Prince’ when someone has tried to negotiate with me not to run a story that portrays them or someone they represent in a way they perceive to be unfavorable.

OPINION | 01/12/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Fixing ObamaCare (Yes, We Can)

As the confetti settled in Times Square, the New Year rang in with the first wave of new insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act, widely known as “ObamaCare.” The White House reported that more than 2.1 million Americans have already signed up for private insurance through the ObamaCare exchanges.

OPINION | 01/07/2014



There I sat, alone in my room (and for all I knew alone in all of Holder) and thinking of finals yet to be studied for and paintings yet to be finished, while Lorde’s drawling notes eased out of my stereo.

OPINION | 01/05/2014