Saturday, October 1

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Perchance to be

One of the most terrifying things I’ve had to cope with growing up was being alone. As an only child growing up with a working parent, I always kept to myself at home, picking up various hobbies to keep myself busy until my mother came home.

OPINION | 10/09/2013


Very Princeton

As I poured myself some water at the reception for President Eisgruber’s installation, the clink of the ice cubes tumbling into my glass vaguely upset me in some unidentifiable way.

OPINION | 10/02/2013


Is stepping back a step back?

In a college setting as rigorous as Princeton’s, to what extent is it socially acceptable for students to talk about the concept of “struggle”? We often hear our friends grieve over tricky problem sets and ridiculous amounts of reading, and it’s certainly not uncommon to hear someone in the dining hall talk about how his or her recent experience with grade deflation was a slap in the face.

OPINION | 10/01/2013

Straight talk

One of the things I was most uncertain about as an incoming freshman was the Street. I never drank in high school, and my friend group didn’t party much, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived on campus.

OPINION | 10/01/2013