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The Daily Princetonian

What's in a name?

Despite the stereotype afforded to English majors, I am not terrible at math. I cannot say I enjoy the subject nor that its more complicated aspects come naturally, but I am certainly capable of basic understanding and usage.

OPINION | 02/27/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Respecting the office

This past Friday, Ted Nugent issued a half-hearted, half-assed (though existent) apology for calling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel” while at a rally for Greg Abbott, attorney general of Texas and candidate for governor.

OPINION | 02/25/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Ice queen

I dashed up two flights of stairs to the Frist Campus Center television lounge after having endured the mandatory 15-minute post-meningitis vaccine waiting period.

OPINION | 02/24/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Class or crass?

When Princeton students try to show their school spirit to non-Princeton students, it seems the line between engaging in genuine school appreciation and inter-university comparisons isn’t always clear.

OPINION | 02/20/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Comparing academic fields

As first semester drew to a close and final grades came out, I was reminded of a common sentiment that I had heard from many of my engineering friends — that being an engineering major is “hard.” In and of itself, such a subjective statement isn’t really anything I can argue against.

OPINION | 02/19/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Outside the Bubble: Double standards

Two weeks ago, famed Oscar-winner Philip Seymour Hoffman —known for his roles in major films like Capote, The Ides of March and The Hunger Games— was found dead in his apartment of apparent heroin overdose. The 46-year-old actor, lauded by The New York Times as “perhaps the most ambitious and widely admired American actor of his generation,” had a history of drug abuse during college.

OPINION | 02/18/2014