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Ordinary people

It was early Friday morning when I randomly decided to take a shift at Frist Campus Center because one of my commitments had gotten pushed back a few hours. The area was rather quiet, so I decided to get some work done and simultaneously talk to my co-worker, who also happens to be a good friend of mine.

OPINION | 04/10/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Abolish the SAT

Every university-aspiring high school student has gone through the ritual of spending four hours on a Saturday morning filling in tiny bubbles in a test booklet labeled “The SAT.” With the College Board’s recent announcement of an overhaul to the SAT which will enact changes in the spring of 2016, I was reminded of an important question: should the SAT be required for college admissions at all? Years ago, before the rise of high-powered review courses and coaching sessions that teach students how to take the test, the answer was “yes.” It was a way to level the playing field, to create a standard to balance out every high school’s different and possibly inflated GPA calculations.

OPINION | 04/07/2014


Can we welcome the students we say we want?

This column is the third in a series about socioeconomic diversity and low-income students at the University. By Stanley Katz I have learned much and agreed with the two long opinion pieces written byBennett McIntoshandLea Trusty, so there is no need for me to rehearse what they have said so nicely about the University's efforts to increase socioeconomic diversity in recent years.

OPINION | 04/02/2014